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    MEGGLE to show it is the world of lactose at CPHI China 2024

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    June 11th 2024

    Wasserburg, Germany: – Pharmaceutical lactose specialist MEGGLE is returning as an exhibitor to the huge annual CPHI China expo in Shanghai with an expanded product range reinforcing its presence as a leader in the excipients industry.

    MEGGLE will once again exhibit in partnership with its local agents, Guangzhou-based Standard Pharma Ltd (SP) and Shanghai Pintech Pharmaceutical Co (PT), from a large stand at Booth E3E02 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC).

    DC, Co-processed and DPI specialties

    The MEGGLE stand display feature its extensive range of added value and highly tailored lactose-based excipients, all meeting China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) standards.

    Products on show will include specialties such as FlowLac® spray-dried lactose developed especially for direct compression processes, co-processed lactose, and the InhaLac® for dry powder inhaler DPI applications. These are products that are particularly relevant to China’s huge pharma manufacturing industry.


    MEGGLE’s event team will be led by the chief representative of its Shanghai-based China Bureau, Dr. Yi Kang, who will be on stand throughout the show. The team will focus on meeting existing and potential customers, deepening its relationship with local partners PT and SP and sharing knowledge on industry-leading trends.

    MEGGLE will also be a prominent presence on the WeChat official networking site that supports CPHI China, with a QR code for instant connection (see Images).

    About MEGGLE

    Bavarian-based company MEGGLE is one of the world’s experts in co-processing and powder technology. From its roots as a dairy operation in the late 1880’s, MEGGLE has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical grade lactose, supplying the pharmaceutical industry with a broad-based and unique lactose product portfolio.

    MEGGLE’s Business Unit Excipients has harnessed outstanding product quality and intelligent innovation to become a global leader in the manufacture of lactose-based excipients, focusing on products for direct tableting and dry powder inhalation.

    A multidisciplinary team of committed and highly qualified people allows MEGGLE clients to benefit from pioneering experience and innovation in industrial milk and whey processing. The company constantly strives to develop high-technological, functional products for solid dosage forms and DPI applications, where they can deliver maximum performance.

    The company has introduced several revolutionary products, notably Tablettose®, the world’s first agglomerated pharmaceutical lactose grade for direct tableting, Cellactose® 80, a pioneering co-processed excipient based on powdered cellulose and lactose for outstanding compression and flow properties and RetaLac®, the first direct compressible co-processed excipient using Hypromellose and lactose for sustained release formulations.

    To learn more, visit:

    About CPHI China 2024

    Since Y2000, CPHI China has established itself as the leading pharma industry business and sourcing event for Eastern Asia, reflecting the huge growth of the Chinese pharma market.

    CPHI China 2024 is again a three-day event opening June 19 at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center (SNIEC) and is co-located with the P-Mec machinery and equipment show. Together, the shows bring together some 3,000 suppliers, attracting around 45,000 visits from more than 100 countries. In addition, CPHI China is a hybrid event with an online dimension.

    CPHI China is organized by Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co. Ltd (IM Sinoexpo) with further information at


    Click on MEGGLE embraces Chinese Pharmacopeia for further information.


    Experts in Excipients - The whole world of Lactose

    MEGGLE to show it is the world of lactose at CPHI China 2024

    MEGGLE will show its broad range of highly tailored pharmaceutical lactose excipients at CPHI China 2024 in Shanghai.

    MEGGLE to show it is the world of lactose at CPHI China 2024

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