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    MEGGLE brings tailored lactose excipient expertise to 2022 APV Continuous Manufacturing conference

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    April 28th 2022

    Wasserburg, Germany: – Pharmaceutical lactose specialist MEGGLE Business Unit Excipients (MEGGLE) will return to the 3rd Continuous Manufacturing  (CM) Conference organised by industry body APV in Rome next month.

    MEGGLE will be a prominent exhibitor at the conference, showcasing a range of lactose-based excipients specifically engineered to support continuous production processes in both wet and dry granulation.

    Digital CM resource

    Having attended all three conferences in the CM series so far, MEGGLE has become a recognized high profile presence at this annual event, which provided a valuable platform for industry networking and to showcase the advanced functionality of its excipient range in continuous manufacturing.

    To support this and other events, MEGGLE has developed a specific web-based landing page for CM, with quick access from any device via QR code.

    The MEGGLE Business Unit Excipients team at the Rome conference will be headed by Application Manager Dr. Sonja Bauhuber and  Project Manager Dr. Andreas Zimpel, who will be able to share in-depth technical expertise on using MEGGLE excipients to aid developers in continuous production  processes, including customized packaging for automated handling.

    About MEGGLE Wasserburg

    Bavarian-based MEGGLE is one of the world’s experts in co-processing and powder technology. From its roots as a dairy operation in the late 1880’s, MEGGLE has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical lactose, supplying the pharma market segment with a broad-based and unique lactose product portfolio.

    MEGGLE Excipients & Technology has harnessed outstanding product quality and intelligent innovation to become a global leader in the manufacture of lactose-based excipients, focusing on products for direct tableting and dry powder inhalation.

    A multidisciplinary team of committed and highly qualified people allows MEGGLE clients to benefit from pioneering experience and innovative drive in industrial milk and whey processing. The company constantly strives to develop high-tech, functional products for solid dosage forms and DPI applications, where they can deliver maximum performance.

    The company has introduced several pioneering products, notably Tablettose®, the world’s first agglomerated lactose for direct tableting, Cellactose® 80, a pioneering co-processed excipient based on cellulose-lactose for outstanding compression and flow properties and RetaLac®, the first direct compression co-processed excipient using a hypromellose-lactose base for sustained release formulations.

    To learn more, visit:

    About APV Continuous Manufacturing Conference 2022

    Based in Mainz, Germany, APV is an international pharma industry organization that focuses on pharmaceutical technology and industrial pharmacy, dedicated to “Making Science Work” through deepening understanding in scientific research and practical knowledge in areas such as development, manufacturing, analysis, and quality assurance.

    APV organizes a series of events, including the annual Continuous Manufacturing conference that covers topics such as formulation development approaches, material characteristics, continuous coating, PAT and software systems.

    The 3rd CM Conference will be a three day event opening May 3 at the Mercure Roma West Hotel in Rome. The 2022 conference will feature an update on ICH Q13 guidelines for continuous production well as case studies of CM plant operations, alongside an Ideas Exchange for posters and tabletop exhibition area.

    The vent is organized by APV with further information at


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    Experts in Excipients - The whole world of Lactose

    MEGGLE brings tailored lactose excipient expertise to 2022 APV Continuous Manufacturing conference

    MEGGLE’s sophisticated co-processed and agglomerated lactose-based excipients support the increasing trend towards Continuous Manufacturing wet and dry granulation processes.

    MEGGLE brings tailored lactose excipient expertise to 2022 APV Continuous Manufacturing conference

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