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    ME Logistics lithium battery services

    products-servicesME Logistic Services GmbH & Co. KG
    June 3rd 2022

    As a specialist in the packaging, storage, transportation and safe disposal of demanding consignments for the pharmaceuticals and other industries, ME Logistic Services offers particular expertise and capabilities in the handling and disposal of lithium batteries.

    Lithium ion batteries with their light weight and very high specific outputs are increasingly important in all fields, particularly in driving electronic appliances, power tools and electric vehicles. However, they are also highly flammable and burn very intensely, posing a particular transport and storage hazard.

    ME Logistics offers Lithium Logistic and Packaging services for lithium ion batteries and power packs that encompass worldwide transport management including appropriate documentation and authorizations management for the transport of series or non-serial lithium battery modules.

    Lithium Logistics

    The use of lithium accumulators and lithium batteries is becoming increasingly  important in delivering stored clean energy in an increasingly low carbon world.

    However, while environmentally friendly in one sense, lithium batteries do pose real hazards if transported or disposed incorrectly.

    To meet these challenges, ME Logistics can support pharma companies with worldwide transport management including appropriate document production and, if necessary, authorization management for the transport of series or non-serial modules (prototypes) to and from abroad.

    In particular, ME Logistics unique proprietary battery transport box with optional integrated lithium ion battery fire extinguisher device is the only lithium battery container  approved for all modes of transport.

    The service includes an international network for battery recycling and airfreighted returns. The company can also supply owners or shippers with suitable extinguishing equipment as required when handling prototype, damaged or critical lithium batteries.

    Through its national and international network, ME Logistics also offers recycling of used lithium batteries or modules. It is currently developing a worldwide airfreight return system for lithium batteries.

    Lithium Packaging

    Lithium batteries also demand specialized packing and handling expertise.

    With many years of experience, ME Logistics specialize in the following fields:

    • Lithium Logistics and Authorization Management and Worldwide Return System of lithium ion batteries
    • Dangerous goods management and logistics, including packaging and document draw up, as well as instructions, consulting and supply of dangerous goods safety advisors for client companies
    • Lithium battery storage, picking, transfer and filling
    • Lithium battery Disposal
    • Temperature-controlled transports and GDP pharmalogistic service


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    Your Expert For Roll-Out/Roll-Back Lithium Ion Transports

    ME Logistics lithium battery services

    ME Logistics has developed specialized containers for the safe transportation of lithium ion batteries.

    ME Logistics lithium battery services

    ME Logistics offers specialized lithium battery collection, transport and disposal services.

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