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    Large Capacity Pharmaceutical Refrigerator: PHCbi MPR-1412 Series

    products-servicesPHC Europe BV
    February 16th 2021

    PHCbi’s large capacity double door MPR-1412 series refrigerators provide ideal cold storage solutions for busy pharmacies and laboratories, combining ultra-stable and secure temperature management with easy access and user convenience.

    These 1364 liter capacity pharmaceutical refrigerators can be relied upon to maintain stable temperatures at any set point between 2°C and 23°C, providing an ideal storage environment for clinical research, pharmaceutical and healthcare use.

    Both models provide easy visibility and access through glazed swing glass doors with MPR-1412-PE offering versatile storage on adjustable shelves and MPR-1412R-PE providing drawers and wire baskets. Together they support a wide range of pharmacy, laboratory and clinical applications including chromatography and pharmaceutical storage.

    Natural refrigerants minimize environmental impact for a more sustainable storage solution.

    MPR-1412 Pharmaceutical Refrigerator features

    Manufactured and distributed by PHCbi, the MPR-1412 series are designed to meet the most exacting standards required of a specialist pharmacy refrigerator. The design focuses on effective, reliable temperature control, quiet operation and ergonomic design, incorporating a range of advanced features. These include:

    • Standard Alarm and Safety Features
    • Intuitive touch pad control panel with LED display
    • Temperature setting and display in 0.1°C increments
    • F-Gas compliant refrigerants
    • Large fans for even temperature distribution
    • Pull-out drawers (R model)
    • Automatic Cycle Defrost

    For superior temperature stability, the quiet 120 mm diameter fans ensure even temperature distribution throughout the cabinet, maintaining uniform temperature to +3 ̊C, whilst maintaining excellent recovery characteristics. Temperature stability is also enhanced by broad, solid frames with high-performance gaskets, along with double-pane door glazing to provide clear view of contents.  Optional light-blocking panels can be fitted if required, as well as heavy load shelves for chromatography applications, for example.

    MPR-1412 Pharmaceutical Refrigerator benefits

    The MPR-1412 Pharmaceutical Refrigerators are ideally suited to sensitive biological and pharmaceutical storage combining usability with performance and delivering precise temperature control under the most demanding conditions. The Automatic Cycle Defrost feature maintains temperatures below 10°C at center of cabinet in ambient temperatures of up to 35°C under no load.

    In short, benefits include:

    • Temperature Stability
    • Wide Temperature Range
    • Speedy and Powerful Refrigeration
    • Large Capacity
    • Versatile and user-friendly storage layout
    • Automatic Cycle Defrost
    • Filter-less condenser eases cleaning maintenance.

    MPR-1412 Series Specifications



    PUF = Rigid polyurethane foamed insulation

    V = Visual alarm

    B = Buzzer alarm

    R = Remote alarm

    Accessories& Consumables


    Click on PHCbi MPR-1412-PE pharmaceutical refrigerator for more information.
    Click on MPR-1412-PE/MPR-1412R-PE Product Sheet (English) to download full product sheet.
    Click on PHCbi MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators to see complete product range.


    Innovative Partners for Life Sciences Development

    Large Capacity Pharmaceutical Refrigerator: PHCbi MPR-1412 Series

    PHCbi MPR-1412 Series pharmaceutical Refrigerator offers uniform temperature storage and versatile large capacity storage easily accessible via double glazed doors

    Large Capacity Pharmaceutical Refrigerator: PHCbi MPR-1412 Series

    Temperature pulldown curve for MPR-1412 at ambient temperature of 35oC showing slightly superior performance at North American 110/120V 60Hz AC supply standard

    Large Capacity Pharmaceutical Refrigerator: PHCbi MPR-1412 Series

    MPR-1412-PE shelves can be easily adjusted to suit different storage requirements with each shelf capable of bearing loads up to 50Kg (heavy load shelves also available)

    Large Capacity Pharmaceutical Refrigerator: PHCbi MPR-1412 Series

    PHCbi MPR-1412R-PE offers alternative storage scheme based on pull out wire baskets and drawers 

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