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    L.B. Bohle PM Series Container-Blenders

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    March 13th 2024

    Since the late 1980s, L.B. Bohle has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of container mixers for the pharmaceutical industry through advanced design and exceptional quality in materials and engineering.

    Its PM series of Container-Blenders combine guaranteed excellence in homogenous blending with industry-leading flexibility and versatility in application, with thousands of systems in service with leading pharma manufacturers worldwide, with capacities ranging from four liters at lab scale all the way up to 12,000 liters.

    Container Blender functionality

    Container blenders are essential in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical solids in producing a fully homogenous powder mix, primarily for compression and tableting but also in a wide range of other production scenarios. Their critical role is to ensure that all ingredients are fully distributed throughout the blend.

    Apart from thorough and complete mixing, other key performance functions include fast and complete loading and unloading, easy cleaning between batches, intuitive and fail-safe operation, and high containment.

    PM Container Blender Features

    L.B. Bohle PM series Container Blenders incorporate several distinctive features. One of the most important is the design of blending elements inside the container lid that allow all Bohle blending systems to achieve fully homogeneous mixing of dry powder batches at whatever scale. The Bohle blending process guarantees effective mixing of batches between 20 – 85 % and with densities between 0.2 – 1.2 kg/l, scalable for volumes between four and 12,000 liters.

    The PM blending operation is a fully closed process. For filling, each container comes with an inner lid. In addition, the blender can also be used as a milling station for the transport from container to container.

    PM Pharma Blenders are stationary blending devices that consist of a machine body with load suspension (lifting) device and electrical switch cabinet integrated in machine body, with remote installation available on request. Operation is by way of a separate 15” touch panel, along with optional safety light barrier or laser scanner.

    PM Container Blenders are offered with a range of pick-up systems, including standard arm connection and clamp, round forks on the lifting arm, or lifting arm with eccentric clamp, power clamp and hydraulic clamp. This allows them to be used with a diverse range of round and square container formats in the production process.

    A further feature is interchangeable blending or mixing containers with different capacities, to offer maximum flexibility and fast batch changes with no need for intermediate cleaning. This configuration allows multiple processes to be carried on one system, including chopping and liquid mixing with suitable additions. The process is inherently closed and isolated making it adaptable to high containment applications.

    As standard, PM container blender gently blend product at up to 6rpm, with higher speeds available with technical adaptation.

    L.B. Bohle PM Container-Blender Benefits

    The PM Series of L.B. Bohle Container Blenders offers pharmaceutical manufacturers a set of clear and tangible benefits that include:

    • Homogeneous mixing of dry powder batches with best results for tablet production
    • Process optimizing blending elements
    • Quick product changeover with swappable blending containers
    • Container blender can be used as milling station for bin-to-bin transfer
    • Highly scalable with blending volumes from 4 to 12,000 liters
    • Significantly smaller footprint than comparable mixers
    • Convenient, fast and efficient cleaning of the containers
    • Fast, easy, low-cost installation and low maintenance
    • Long-term performance and low maintenance
    • High containment execution as an option

    PM Container Blender Range

    The following list provides an initial overview of the various production sale PM container-blending systems, with the LM 40 laboratory blender also available, along with production-scale blenders PM 400, PM 600, and very high-capacity PM 12000 systems (specifications available on request).


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    Machinery for Your OSD Production

    L.B. Bohle PM Series Container-Blenders

    PM Series Container Blender system from L.B. Bohle (seen here with MCL round container) features compact footprint and swappable containers for maximum versatility.

    L.B. Bohle PM Series Container-Blenders

    L.B. Bohle Container Blenders offer a highly contained and homogenous mixing process.

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