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    L.B. Bohle BFC 400 New Generation Tablet Coater

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    March 1st 2024

    The BFC 400 Film Coater is in the vanguard of a new generation of pharma process machines from L.B. Bohle that feature leading edge design and advanced technologies.

    Winner of a German Design Award for 2024 for its innovative form, innovative use of materials and user-friendly design, the BFC 400 can handle batch sizes of up to 650 liters.

    BFC 400 Design Features

    L.B. Bohle Tablet Coater technology is focused on the three critical success factors involved in efficient tablet coating: precise process management, minimization of suspension losses due to spray drying, and reduction of solid and paint material wastage.

    The BFC 400 is designed to handle all the processes involved in manufacturing coated tablets favoured by the pharma industry to modify API substance release, protect the active ingredient against light and moisture or for taster masking and easy swallow.

    To allow the three key process steps of spraying, blending and coating to be combined in one machine, the BFC 400 uses eight spray nozzles fed by a common peristaltic pump head for fast and complete coating, along with unique drum geometry, twin spirals for more efficient mixing and an advanced air system that flow up to 6,000 cubic meters per hour.

    The combination of flat tablet bed and long drum geometry, as well as continuous adjustment of the inclination angle and systematic compulsory guide in the drum ensure optimal movement and gentle handling of the tablet cores during all three stages, with no tablet twinning and most efficient use of coating materials. Through change of direction of pan rotation, tablets can be discharged completely and without breaking.

    These features are combined with innovative control concepts for processes, as well as for cleaning, to improve the tablet coater functionality and deliver outstanding results.

    BFC 400 Film Coater benefits

    The high-end Bohle Film Coater series are designed specifically for high speed, problem-free coating, providing unparalleled tablet uniformity and efficiencies, under high containment where necessary. They deliver significant process-related advantages, eliminating risk of spray-drying at the suspension, reducing spray losses to under 5% and improving coating structure.

    Other specific benefits include:

    • Patented helical baffles and advanced geometry to ensure continuous product movement to eliminate tablet twinning
    • Counter rotation twin level mixing and complete discharge of tablets at end of process
    • Large spray surface, length: Diameter >1
    • Prevention of spray-drying with heating limited to tablet bed
    • Unique clean in place (CIP) abilities with integrated high-pressure washing-system
    • Geometrical similarities across series to ease scale-up
    • Process performance improved by up to 40% over basic tablet coaters
    • High uniformity (RSD < 2%)
    • AB-capped nozzles for extended service cycles
    • Industry leading minimization of spray material losses at under 5%
    • Guaranteed consistency in scale up of batch sizes


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    L.B. Bohle BFC 400 New Generation Tablet Coater

    L.B. Bohle BFC400 Film Coater features cutting edge design and advanced technologies.

    L.B. Bohle BFC 400 New Generation Tablet Coater

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