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    L.B. Bohle KOCO® semi-continuous coater

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    July 20th 2023

    L.B. Bohle’s extensive range of world-class pharmaceutical process systems and equipment includes the pioneering KOCO® semi-continuous coating solution.

    Based on L.B. Bohle’s technological leading design for tablet coaters, KOCO® was introduced in 2011 as a semi-continuous coater for the pharmaceutical industry, also distinguished by its high throughput.

    KOCO® Continuous Coating applications

    KOCO® forms an important element in L.B. Bohle’s portfolio of solutions focused on Continuous Manufacturing (CM), which has become an increasing priority for the pharmaceutical industry as it seeks to increase its overall process efficiencies.

    As a technology-driven machine engineering company, L.B. Bohle has been working on this issue for years and can now offer customers a range of continuously operating processes ranging from stand-alone systems to the complete production line QbCon®.

    KOCO® Technical Design and Features

    Unlike conventional batch coaters, KOCO® allows the feeding of tablet cores through a product inlet on the top of the machine. This allows tablet cores to be automatically fed into the machine.

    The design and process cycle of the semi-continuous coater are also oriented towards CM, with coated tablets discharged though a corresponding opening at the front of the coater. The process control is designed to operate in a cyclic manner, with each repetition executing a pre-defined and programmed recipe.

    Process analytics are enhanced with a built-in Raman probe that helps the operator recognize the end point of the coating process.

    KOCO® Benefits

    The KOCO® system offers pharma manufacturers a series of clear and tangible benefits. These include:

    • High production capacity: 5-25 kg/h (KOCO® 25)
    • Flexible batch sizes from seven to 20 liters (KOCO® 25)
    • Spray arm with six nozzles for effective, problem-free and faster coating
    • Helical baffles for thorough tablet mixing and 100% drum discharge
    • Separate feeding and discharging for quick product changes
    • Compact footprint.

    KOCO® Range

    L.B. Bohle offer its continuous coaters in four different sizes and technical designs:

    • KOCO®25
    • KOCO®50
    • KOCO®100
    • KOCO®200


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    Machinery for Your OSD Production

    L.B. Bohle KOCO® semi-continuous coater

    The KOCO® design provides for top feed and front discharge to support continuous tablet coating processes.

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