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    L.B. Bohle BTS Sieving Machines for optimum particle size calibration

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    June 16th 2023

    L.B. Bohle offers the pharma industry its range of BTS sieving machines for the milling of solids to meet the twin needs of enlarging particle surface to accelerate drug dissolution and to even out particle size variation to enable more homogenous mixing.

    The compact footprint, high functionality and versatility of L.B. Bohle BTS sieving machine mills makes them easier to integrate into complex production lines (e.g., for filling/emptying or transfer operations at process machines, or for filling and decanting IBC containers). The small footprint of the L.B. Bohle sieves is particularly useful in clean room applications where space tends to be at a premium. Additionally, BTS sieves can be fitted with built-in lifting columns to allow for integration into almost any process scenario.

    Optimum particle size calibration

    The BTS Sieve is used for uniform size reduction of pharmaceutical active ingredients. In addition, the sieve system can be used for mixing and dispersing. Sieves are available in a wide variety of different sizes, from laboratory equipment to high-capacity systems.

    Compared to other comminution technologies available on the market, the Bohle sieve provides numerous benefits for production:

    • Less noise
    • Narrow particle size distribution (PSD)
    • High design flexibility
    • Higher capacity than comparable systems

    In processing of low-density materials, a BTS sieving system typically achieves throughputs 50 per cent higher than those of conventional mills.

    Turbo Sieve technology

    The patented BTS Turbo Sieve® is used to calibrate particle size and thus guarantee optimal PSD.

    The use of various conical sieve inserts (hole sieves and friction sieves) combined with L.B. Bohle’s innovative impeller design supports the processing of both dry and wet powders at speeds of 150 to 1500 rpm, enabling product capacities of two to three metric tons per hour.

    The explosion-proof version of the Turbo Sieve can also be used for applications where compliance with ATEX directives is required.

    Fast and easy cleaning

    BTS machines are also designed to be moved or disassembled easily for cleaning, further increasing process efficiency.

    The easy-to-clean design of the sieve makes manual cleaning quick and convenient. A combination of bayonet mount and clamp ring makes the sieve container quick to remove for cleaning of individual components. Optional cleaning nozzles fitted to the sieve housing allow instant wash in place (WIP) cleaning to remove material residue from inside the sieve container.

    Advanced control technology

    The BTS system’s easy-to-use 7“touch panel with USB interface gives operators intuitive access to user management and recipe management as well as PDF batch print functions.

    Optionally, the sieve system can be equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to identify individual sieve inserts, automatically matching the configuration with appropriate stored sieving process recipe. The antenna for reading the data is plugged into the feeding hopper, ensuring easy cleaning of the BTS.

    Further RFID user advantages include data collection of operating times and improved analysis of possible wear and extended process times. The integration of RFID technology into the BTS control system increases process reliability and documents the sieve insert used in the batch report.


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    L.B. Bohle BTS Sieving Machines for optimum particle size calibration

    L.B. Bohle BTS 200 Sieving Machine features its own built in lifting column.

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