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    L.B. Bohle brings further innovations to ACHEMA 2024 in Frankfurt

    news-releasesL.B. Bohle
    May 22nd 2024

    Ennigerloh, Germany: – World-respected builder of advanced systems for pharma production, L.B. Bohle, will showcase further design advances at the upcoming ACHEMA 2024 pharmaceutical engineering and process industries expo in Frankfurt-am-Main.

    Among other innovations, L.B. Bohle will exhibit latest versions of its BFC 5 Laboratory Coater, BRC 25 Dry Granulator and BTS 200 Sieving Machine; all now part of the distinctively styled ‘New Generation’ range that has won multiple design awards for the company.

    Award winning

    L.B. Bohle will once again be found at Stand A71 in Hall 3.0 at the Messe Frankfurt showground, alongside strategic partner KORSCH AG, as part of the Pharmaceutical, Packaging and Storage exhibition zone. The stand display will focus on innovations, advances in machine design and continuous manufacturing technology.

    The three new machines on show follow in the footsteps of the BFC 400 tablet coater, BRC 100 dry granulator and unique QbCon® 1 truly continuous wet granulator and dryer, which were previously launched at ACHEMA and that all went on to gain German Design Awards. The latter two machines return as stand exhibits, accompanied by the LM 40 Laboratory Mixer.

    Continuous Manufacturing

    With the QbCon® 1, Bohle will show the world’s only machine for truly continuous wet granulation and fluidized bed drying. QbCon® 1 offers ideal conditions, especially for the entry into continuous tablet production, as it delivers valid results very quickly.

    Truly continuous drying and granulation is achieved with very short and reproducible residence times in the dryer and stable granule quality in terms of moisture and particle size. QbCon® 1 is space-saving and suitable for throughputs as low as 0.5 kg per hour.

    No more oiling

    With the new BRC 25 dry granulator, L.B. Bohle also meets the increasing demands for continuous processes. The modern electromechanical drive eliminates need for lubrication and oil changes. Further, compressibility is no longer affected by oil viscosity, and energy consumption is reduced with no need for oil cooling during the process.

    The BRC can be disassembled and reassembled in under ten minutes. The screen can also be changed quickly, making it possible to switch from conical sieve to oscillating sieve in a very short time. The BRC 25 and BRC 100 are also equipped with fast and effective wash in place (WIP) cleaning.

    Flexible tablet coating

    With the BFC 5, L.B. Bohle presents its new laboratory coater. Based on the existing stand-alone machine, operation, accessibility, cleaning and flexibility have been optimized.

    A new modular nozzle arm for up to four nozzles, depending on the application, makes for flexibility and excellent coating results.

    The laboratory coater can be operated with a total of three different drum sizes to promote easier scale-ups. As standard, the coater is equipped with two drums that allow batch sizes of 2 to 6 liters or 5 to 13 liters, respectively. The smaller drum allows batch sizes of 0.5 – 3 liters when using a divider plate.

    Small core coating 

    A new slotted mini drum for tests and very small batches of 150 to 350 grams offers even more flexibility, now making it possible to coat small size cores, down to 1.5 millimeters in diameter.

    This makes the drum an effective and profitable addition, particularly in product development and for cost-intensive active ingredients or formulations.

    For the first time, L.B. Bohle will also present the technically optimized and redesigned BTS 200, which is used to calibrate the particle size of dry or wet products. The new flexible system features improved ease of operation, optimized CIP cleaning and reduced product loss thanks to improved blade geometry.

    The L.B. Bohle team led by Executive Directors Tim Remmert and Thorsten Wesselmann will once again use ACHEMA 2024 as an opportunity to meet prospects and customers to discuss new topics in pharmaceutical production and current and new projects.

    About L.B. Bohle

    Founded in 1981, L.B. Bohle Maschinen und Verfahren GmbH (L.B. Bohle) has established a worldwide reputation as a producer and supplier of advanced systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing, based on a track record of technological innovation and continuous improvement.

    Based at Ennigerloh in Northwest Germany, L.B. Bohle operates worldwide, offering advanced solutions for every aspect of oral solid dose (OSD) and nutraceutical tablet production, including weighing & dosing, grinding & sieving, blending, tablet coating, sorting, handling systems, cleaning and containment, process monitoring and continuous manufacturing.

    The company’s guiding vision is one of technological innovation in the production of pharmaceutical solids. This supports a core mission to deliver maximum product efficiency increases for its customers, through continuous development and product innovations that not only increase quality and efficiency, but also strengthen competitive edge and sustainability.

    To these ends, L.B. Bohle offers both complete production lines and solutions for individual production steps, focusing on rapid development and production of sophisticated, pragmatic, and customized applications.

    The company operates development and manufacturing facilities at its home base at Ennigerloh and at Sassenberg, both in North Rhine-Westphalia. Additionally, it has sales and service subsidiaries in the USA (Warminster, PA) in India (headquarter in Ahmedabad and Innovation Center in Hyderabad), and in Switzerland (Reiden). It is also represented by more than 40 qualified sales partners worldwide, having become a globally recognized brand.

    Further information at: or  or

    About ACHEMA 2024

    ACHEMA is billed as the leading world forum for the Chemical Engineering and Process Industries.

    The ACHEMA expo is a driving force and groundbreaker for the international process industries and their suppliers, attracting some 170,000 visitors from more than 50 countries and more than 3,800 exhibiting companies and organizations presenting products and services for chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech research and manufacturing as well as energy and environmental services.

    Now in its 40th year, ACHEMA 2024 is once again being held over five days, opening June 10 at the Messe Exhibition Centre in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany.

    The co-located exhibition again features the chemical and pharmaceutical logistics zones introduced in 2018, along with a Green Innovation Zone, Digital Hub and Start-up Area.

    More information at


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    L.B. Bohle brings further innovations to ACHEMA 2024 in Frankfurt

    L.B. Bohle presents the new look BFC 5 Laboratory Coater for the first time at ACHEMA.

    L.B. Bohle brings further innovations to ACHEMA 2024 in Frankfurt

    New generation BRC 25 Dry Granulator: designed for efficiency, flexibility and ease of operation.

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