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Kromasil® to launch EternityXT stationary phase family at SPICA 2016

news-releasesKromasil by Akzonobel
October 9th 2016

Bohus, Sweden: – Kromasil, AkzoNobel’s global brand for chromatographic analysis and purification, will use October’s International Symposium on Preparative and Industrial Chromatography, SPICA, in Vienna to launch its new family of EternityXT C8 and C18 stationary phases for purification.

The Kromasil stand at Booth 10 in the Austria Center will showcase the newly developed Kromasil EternityXT 10µm C8 silica/organosilane-based stationary phase material. When added to the recently introduced EternityXT C18 derivatizations, it creates a family of 10 µm stationary materials, providing the flexibility needed for small, medium and large scale preparative chromatography.

Enhanced stability and scalability

“EternityXT, with its high chemical and mechanical stability, as well as its scalability, makes it possible for users to work under tough pH conditions across the various stages of product development including discovery, pilot plant and manufacturing. With these materials is it even possible to carry out clean in place, when needed,” explained Dr. Cecilia Mazza, AkzoNobel Separation Products Global Product Manager for Bulk and Columns.

Kromasil is once again Gold Sponsor of the SPICA symposium and will also stage a vendor lunch seminar during the conference. Dr. Mazza will join colleagues Mattias Bengtsson, general manager, and Dr. Harald Dibowski to present ‘Latest Stationary Phase Choices for Preparative Chromatography’, starting at 1230 hrs on Tuesday October 11. They will focus on the latest developments of Kromasil materials including EternityXT, a stationary phase with a organosilane merged base silica matrix.

“Among the topics, we will discuss Kromasil EternityXT resistance to high alkaline concentrations for in-place regeneration and share examples of relevant applications,” said Dr. Mazza.

HPLC purification

“For us, SPICA is a key conference as many individuals in the audience are plant and lab managers, drug discovery and development scientists and engineers working in pharmaceutical and API manufacturing who we interacts with on a regular basis.,” she commented.

“So this conference is a golden opportunity to explain how the new Kromasil EternityXT 10µm C8 product can support new applications for end users working in isolation of impurities, HPLC purification of main compounds and basic pharmaceuticals, preparative chromatography, isolating peptides and oligonucleotides,” added Dr. Mazza.

“We will be able to show a range of impressive benefits including very efficient and effective purifications, increases in productivity and yields for given products, stationary phase loadability, chemical and mechanical stability,” she concluded.

About Kromasil

The Kromasil® product line hails from the Swedish-based Separation Products group of AkzoNobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals, one of the world’s leading providers of specialty chemicals.

Kromasil products are fully back integrated and, for over more than 25 years, Kromasil columns as well as the bulk materials have greatly improved the effectiveness of UHPLC, HPLC and SFC.

Kromasil packings and columns have been used over the years for demanding chromatographic separations all over the world ranging from small synthetic pharmaceuticals, to peptides and larger size molecules. Popular applications include chromatographic analysis basic compounds and aromatics, determination of peptides and oligonucleotides, insulin and analogs, UHPLC separations for drugs and natural products, HPLC analysis of pesticides, and identification of chiral compounds.

About SPICA 2016

The 16th International Symposium on Preparative and Industrial Chromatography and Allied Techniques (SPICA 2016) will take place at the Austria Centre, Vienna.

This four-day event opens October 9 and will again gather key players and experts involved in downstream processing for the Life Science industry.

Now in its 30th year, this biennial symposium aims to share the latest innovations, create and develop new research approaches and deploy purification techniques for the industrial development of molecules with increasing complexity and constraints.

The event is organized by LDO Conferences with more information available at:

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