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Kromasil® shows new ClassicShell C18 and C8 UHPLC/HPLC columns at analytica 2016

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April 26th 2016

Bohus, Sweden-: Kromasil, a global brand of AkzoNobel for chromatographic analysis and purification, will use the analytica 2016 international trade fair in Munich to formally launch its latest Kromasil® ClassicShell columns to European and world laboratory markets.

The division will be an exhibitor at analytica 2016, with its stand at Booth 441B in Hall A1 in Messe Munich highlighting the new Kromasil ClassicShell 2.5 µm particle columns, based on solid core stationary phase technology with C18 and C8 derivizations.

UHPLC/HPLC separations

The new columns can be used in either UHPLC or HPLC mode, providing further flexibility for scientists running analytical chromatography. With C18 and C8 derivatizations, to be used under reversed-phase conditions, the user can separate most of the incoming laboratory samples.

The Kromasil team at analytica 2016 will include the division’s General Manager, Mattias Bengtsson, Harald Dibowski, heading Regional Sales for Central Europe and Cecilia Mazza, Global Product Manager for Columns and Bulk materials.

Kromasil is an established presence at analytica, to share new applications and products. Once again, it will be hosting its Distributor Dinner for its network selling Kromasil columns direct in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Solid core particle phases

“The analytica event, focused on laboratory practice and technology, provides a great opportunity to meet end users of our columns, including scientists, analytical and R&D chemists, working with chromatographic separations,” said Cecilia Mazza.

“This time around, we will show new columns ClassicShell columns, which extend into solid core particle phases, giving bench analysts and researchers more toolbox choices, all from a single source,” said Mazza.

“Our users will be interested in the whole range of Kromasil columns from 2.1 – 4.6 mm internal diameters for analysis and separations, as well as our semiprep columns, with 10-50 mm internal diameters, supporting particle sizes of 5µm and beyond,” she added.

The Kromasil team will also be able to share the capacity of supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) as a promising technology for protein separation, as well as using phases for UHPLC/HPLC separations at high pH under its platform of Kromasil Eternity and Kromasil Chiral for enantiomeric separations

Kromasil will also be exhibiting in June at the HPLC 2016 summit in San Francisco.

About Kromasil

The Kromasil® product line hails from the Swedish-based Separation Products group of AkzoNobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals, one of the world’s leading providers of specialty chemicals.

Kromasil products are fully back integrated and, for over more than 25 years, Kromasil columns as well as the bulk materials have greatly improved the effectiveness of UHPLC, HPLC and SFC.

Kromasil packings and columns have been used over the years for demanding chromatographic separations all over the world ranging from small synthetic pharmaceuticals, to peptides and larger size molecules. Popular applications include chromatographic analysis basic compounds and aromatics, determination of peptides and oligonucleotides, insulin and analogs, UHPLC separations for drugs and natural products, HPLC analysis of pesticides, and identification of chiral compounds.

About analytica 2016

The 25th International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Analytica, or analytica 2016, is one of the world’s leading summits for state-of-the-art laboratory technology and biotechnology. The combined trade fair and conference covers a wide range of subjects connected with laboratory process and technology in breadth and depth.

Analytica 2016 is a three-day event opening May 10 at the Messe München Center, where it has been held every second year since 1968. The 2014 analytica event attracted more than 35,000 visitors from some 120 countries, with some 1,200 exhibitors.

The event includes the analytica conference in the nearby International Congress Center, attracting some 1,600 delegates and featuring more than 300 lectures and speakers over three days.

Supporting program includes the analytica Forum, Finance Day, Job Day, analytica Research Award and training events.

Messe München International (MMI) organizes the event with more information at

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