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Kromasil® brings new EternityShell solid core particle columns to CPhI China

news-releasesKromasil by Akzonobel
June 21st 2016

Bohus, Sweden: Kromasil, AkzoNobel’s global brand for chromatographic analysis and purification, will be returning to the huge CPhI China show in Shanghai to introduce its new Kromasil EternityShell columns with 2.5 µm solid-core particles to its growing Asian market.

The new columns feature stationary phase based on solid-core particle technology with C18 derivatization and compatibility across an expanded pH range with excellent chemical stability. These new columns are an important addition to the already vast reversed-phase chromatogarphy offerings available under the Kromasil umbrella.

UHPLC/HPLC separation

The Separation Products division will be an exhibitor at CPhI China 2016, with its stand at Booth N1D10 at Shanghai’s SNIEC exhibition space. The Kromasil display will star the new EternityShell C18 columns, alongside the recently introduced ClassicShell 2.5µm particle columns, also based on solid-core stationary phase technologies that were introduced at Pittcon 2016.

The new columns can be used in either HPLC or UHPLC mode, providing further flexibility for scientists running analytical chromatography.

““CPhI Shanghai provides us with a great opportunity to meet customers working with the purification of API (Active pharmaceutical ingredients), people interested in purification, semi prep columns for small stage purification and impurity elucidation, as well as those lab managers that have needs for their analytical labs,” said Mattias Bengtsson, Kromasil General Manager.

“We will be highlighting our offering of bulk products for purification and applications for which we have become well known, as well as the new products for analytical scale such as the new Kromasil EternityShell columns,” said Mr. Bengtsson, who will lead the Kromasil team at the CPhI show.

Extended stationary phase

“For our core user base of plant, pilot lab and product development managers and engineers, as well as heads of CMOs, CROs, and companies manufacturing peptides, insulin and insulin analogs and immunosuppresants, we will be able to offer enhanced mechanical and chemical stability and stationary phase materials for carrying out reversed phase chromatography as a polishing step, that can be used over extended periods and is resistant to Cleaning in Place (CIP) conditions,” said Mr. Bengtsson.

“We have truly expanded our portfolio of small particles columns in the last years and what is new for this year is solid-core particle based UHPLC/HPLC columns. We have first launched Kromasil ClassicShell and now we are bringing to the market Kromasil EternityShell columns. Recently we have also brought to market supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) columns, which are a promising technology for small molecules and peptide separation, and the Kromasil Chiral platform for enantiomeric separations” he added.

About Kromasil

The Kromasil® product line hails from the Swedish-based Separation Products group of AkzoNobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals, one of the world’s leading providers of specialty chemicals.

Kromasil products are fully back integrated and, for over more than 25 years, Kromasil columns as well as the bulk materials have greatly improved the effectiveness of UHPLC, HPLC and SFC.

Kromasil packings and columns have been used over the years for demanding chromatographic separations all over the world ranging from small synthetic pharmaceuticals, to peptides and larger size molecules. Popular applications include chromatographic analysis basic compounds and aromatics, determination of peptides and oligonucleotides, insulin and analogs, UHPLC separations for drugs and natural products, HPLC analysis of pesticides, and identification of chiral compounds.

About CPhI China 2016

Since Y2000, CPhI China has established itself as the leading pharma industry business and sourcing event for Eastern Asia, representing the huge growth of the Chinese market.

Staged by global B2B events organizer and publisher, UBM Live, CPhI China is a three day event opening June 21 at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center (SNIEC). CPhI China is co-located with five other pharma industry events, P-Mec for machinery and equipment, ICSE for outsourcing solutions BioPh for biotech solution, InnoPack for Drug Packaging and Delivery Technology and LABWorld for laboratory equipment.

The events will host more than 2,800 exhibitors and is expected to attract some 30,000 visitors from over 100 countries worldwide.

CPhI China offers rich opportunities to arrange face-to-face meetings with potential international partners and collaborators, as well as gain insights on latest industry trends.

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