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Kromasil Eternity™ and EternityXT™ HPLC and UHPLC platforms

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December 23rd 2014



Kromasil Eternity™ and its extension EternityXT™ are specialized platforms to be used for reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) separation and purification of compounds.

Based on patented grafting technology, the Eternity products provide innovative media for achieving separation under harsh reversed phase pH conditions.

The silica/organosilane surface of Eternity products enables a wider temperature and acidity window up to pH 12, ensuring greater chemical stability, and consequently longer column lifetime, than for regular silica-based HPLC phases.


The Eternity platforms are manufactured in a three-step process that begins with bare SiO2silica with a pore size of 100Å that is produced in-house by Separation Products at AkzoNobel,in Sweden,to ensure high mechanical stability and efficiency.

In Step 2, the silica is modified by being bonded with an organosilane layer under specific proprietary conditions. This organosilane layer penetrates the silica, to produce a merged organic/inorganic interfacial gradient. The pores are virtually returned to their original size resulting in a surface presenting both inorganic (-OH) and organic (-R) silicic acid moieties. This process step is what gives Eternity™ its extreme chemical stability extending the pH range and column lifetime.

In Step 3, the product is functionalized with C18 or Phenyl Hexyl followed by a proprietary endcapping process.


Since many pharmaceutical compounds are ionizable, Eternity’s broad pH user window from 1 to 12 allows chromatographers more flexibility in altering retention time during method development.

Wide pH variations can negatively impact on regular silica column lifetime, Kromasil Eternity™, with its patented grafting technology (see the three-step description), secures the long-lasting of the product even under tough pH conditions as well as at high temperatures.

Kromasil Eternity delivers three main benefits:

  • Longer-lasting columns and improved economy on modified silica
  • High efficiency and faster analyses with small particles down to 2.5μm
  • Easier method development with modified silica at pH 1 to 12


Kromasil EternityXT extends the Eternity portfolio, introducing 10μm particles with C18 derivatization aimed at preparative applications run under ultra-demanding conditions.

Traditional silica-based reversed phase materials often have an upper limit for use at around pH 7.5-8.0. Above this, the silica matrix starts to dissolve.

Kromasil EternityXT, with its protecting merged organic/inorganic interfacial gradient combined with a proprietary C18 derivatization, has moved the pH level for continuous use up to pH 12. This provides greater flexibility to develop methods for isolation and large-scale purification between pH 1–12, for long-term use.

EternityXT is based on a variation of the patented Kromasil grafting technology that produces a material with an extended lifetime even under extremely demanding conditions.

In Step 2, the silica matrix is bonded using a refined technology that immobilizes the organosilane on the silica and merges the combination into an organic/inorganic interfacial gradient while returning the pores to original size. This process step is what gives Kromasil EternityXT its enhanced chemical stability, extending the pH range and column lifetime even further.

With EternityXT comes also particle sizes down to 1.8 µm for the best efficiency in UHPLC applications.

The main proportion of all synthetic pharmaceutical APIs are basic in nature, and will exhibit an increased loadability, and hence productivity, at high pH values. Basic peptides, oligos, PNAs, etc., will also benefit from high pH separation methods. In addition, it is possible to sanitize or regenerate EternityXT in-column using cleaning in place (CIP), using the 1 M NaOH biochromatography standard previously reserved for polymeric resins only. This gives users the best of both worlds: highest performance and excellent stability at high pH values.

Specific benefits include:

  • Greater chemical stability for extended column lifetime and reduced costs
  • Enhanced chromatographic performance at high pH levels for better selectivity and increased loadability
  • Loadability increase at high pH levels for Improved productivity and further cost reduction
  • Greater mechanical stability for longer packing durability and reduced cost

Quality & Certification

Kromasil Eternity and EternityXT are manufactured in a state-of-the-art plants with multi-ton capacity for production in very large batches, assuring high reproducibility.

Kromasil manufacturing starts with the silica raw material, and runs all the way through to the finished packing material.

Since AkzoNobel controls the entire Kromasil manufacturing process, it can guarantee the highest quality of the final product. Kromasil has been ISO 9001 certified for more than two decades.
The Kromasil team not only supplies packing material, but is also a leader in the field of developing and optimizing methods for the separation process. Its teams can advise on how to pack columns, select optimal running conditions, or optimize large-scale separations.

With broad experience of separating complex mixtures around the world, the Kromasil team’s experts can perform method development for any application, optimizing running parameters to deliver the most economic separation process possible.


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