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Kromasil AmyCoat™

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January 28th 2015


Kromasil AmyCoat™complements Kromasil CelluCoat™ as a series of highly versatile chiral polysaccharide phases stretch the limits for analytical and industrial chiral chromatography.

AmyCoat consists of an amylose derivative selected for its wide enantioselectivity range:tris-[3,5-dimethylphenyl] carbamoylamylose. The silica is based on an in-house developed super wide pore matrix, coated with the functionalized amylose selector.

Important benefits include high resolution, excellent selectivity, freedom from pressure limits and stable performance when switching between compatible mobile phases.


One well-known restriction for coated polysaccharide phases is the general pressure limit over the bed. Kromasil AmyCoat can withstand flow rates equivalent to pressures of up to 400 bar— close to the absolutelimit for the HPLC system itself.

To speed up and simplify method development, Kromasil has removed some of the restrictions for coated polysaccharide phases.

Kromasil AmyCoat shows excellent enantioselectivity for many differentracemates. By having access to 3 μm particles, it enable chromatographers to achieve a higher plate count and resolution for analyticalchromatography. Combined with great selectivity,this facilitates the separation of the enantiomers.

Kromasil AmyCoat also delivers faster results, thanks to its product characteristics, absence of pressure limits, allowinganalytical chromatography to be run at very high flow rates. The high selectivity and the efficiency of 3 μm particles are alsoimportant factors in achieving increased method speeds, with improved resolution and also increased flow rates.

Kromasil AmyCoat lets laboratories perform method development free from interference from restrictive parameters. It allows switching from one compatible mobile phase to another with no need to consider pressure limits, long equilibrationtimes and degradation in performance.

From a stability perspective, KromasilAmyCoat uses compatiblenormal, polar organic and reversed phase eluents.

Switching between compatible normal to polarorganic mobile phases will not lead to any degradation in performance nor any need for solventdedicated columns.


In analytical chromatography, AmyCoat frees researchers from pressure limits and delivers high flow rates for faster analyses. The small particle size (down to 3 μm) provides higher efficiencyfor more accurate analyses. The unique Kromasil coating method improves selectivity for more targeted analyses.

In preparative chromatography, the unique silica matrix increases mechanical strengthfor longer column life compared to other coated materials on the market. The wide range of particle sizes improves consistency ofperformance, making for easier scale-ups.The unique structure of the super wide pore matrix in combination with the coating method also delivers higher loadability and therefore higher productivity.

Product Range

Kromasil AmyCoat is available in particle sizes of 10 and 25 µm as bulk, but also as 5 and 3 µm in slurry-packed HPLC columns with diameters from 4.6 to 50 mm and length from 50 to 250 mm. Check the product website for actual availability.

AmyCoat RP™

Developed to give chromatographers the choice to run chiral separations under reversed phase conditions. Kromasil AmyCoat RP™ is based on the same in-house developed silica matrix and the same amylose based selector.

Product Range

AmyCoat RP is available in the same particle size, internal diameter and column length combinations as AmyCoat.

Quality & Certification

Kromasil AmyCoat and AmyCoat RP are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, multi-ton capable plant in large batches, assuring high reproducibility.

Kromasil manufacturing starts with the silica raw material, and runs all the way through to the finished packing material and packed column.

Since AkzoNobel controls the entire Kromasil manufacturing process, it can guarantee the highest quality of the final product. Kromasil has been ISO 9001 certified for more than two decades.

The Kromasil group of AkzoNobel not only supplies packing material, but is also a leader in the field of developing and optimizing methods for the separation process. Its teams can advise on how to pack columns, select optimal running conditions, or optimize large-scale separations.

With broad experience of separating complex mixtures around the world, Kromasil’s experts can perform method development for any application, optimizing running parameters to deliver the most economic separation process possible.


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