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    Huxley Bertram White Paper: Hybrid Control compaction simulation

    white-paperHuxley Bertram Engineering Ltd
    October 6th 2022

    High performance powder compaction specialist Huxley Bertram (HB) has prepared a technical White Paper on the use of its innovative Hybrid Control technology to improve compaction simulation by modelling tablet presses with load relief.

    The bulletin is designed to meet the needs of formulation scientists so that they can closely model more complex production presses.

    Hybrid Control testing benefits

    Hybrid Control testing allows Huxley Bertram tablet compaction simulators, such as  the HB 50 and HB 100, to switch from position to load control when the set load is achieved. This allows for the dwell time to increase significantly to simulate load relief on rotary tablet presses.

    The bulletin shows how the Huxley Bertram machines using Hybrid Control can directly aid in compaction simulation and formulation development. It identifies a number of benefits for researchers, including:

    • Improved production simulation performance due to enhanced machine accuracy
    • Ability to model complex press geometry and performance
    • More efficient tablet powder formulation, saving time and money
    • Facility to test punch speeds at up to 1000mm/sec to expand the “knowledge space” on production speed effects.

    The paper explains that load relieving tablet presses modify the compression process in a number of ways, with dwell times increased, load variations reduced, the tablet moved vertically under load, and the size of the position correction becoming a study variable.

    The overall importance of Hybrid Control is the complex effects of load relieving press mechanism on a servo controlled compaction simulator due to change in control modes can now be modelled on a compaction simulator. This new ability is particularly useful for developing Continuous Manufacturing (CM) product lines.


    A poster from the Compaction Simulation Forum argues for a controlled rate of porosity reduction to study compaction speed effects


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