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    Huxley Bertram White Paper: HB100 Tablet Compaction Simulator With Containment

    white-paperHuxley Bertram Engineering Ltd
    April 4th 2023

    High performance powder compaction specialist Huxley Bertram (HB) has prepared a technical White Paper on the isolated version of its top end tablet research press, the HB100 Tablet Compaction Simulator with Containment.

    The technical bulletin provides a guide on features, specifications, use and extension options for this world leading research and development instrument.

    HB100 Features

    The high-speed servo-hydraulic HB100 has become the compaction simulator of choice for leading  pharmaceutical companies worldwide, particularly when dealing with highly active pharma ingredients.

    The White Paper provides a full guide to the machine’s many advanced features, including speed, dynamic capacity, flexible tooling, feeding options, measurement capabilities and high containment operator protection.


    The bulletin also provides a ‘guided tour’ of the HB100 work area that can be configured to different tooling and feeding layouts, as well as a guide to the myriad measurement, analysis and research modes built into its operating system.

    These allow, for instance, the HB100 to be run in Simulation Mode for easy operation accessing a library of production presses and roller compactors or in Research Mode for fully flexible test sequence building.

    HB100 testing applications and options  

    The White Paper provides examples of the many testing options available on the HB100, including  Tablet Test Module to measure weight, thickness and tablet breaking strength, tri-axial decompression Hiestand testing, pressure instrumented dies, Vickers indentation test, and adhesion punch fixtures.

    The bulletin includes a full list of specifications and performance data for this remarkable instrument.


    A poster from the Compaction Simulation Forum argues for a controlled rate of porosity reduction to study compaction speed effects


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