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    Huxley Bertram prominent at Compaction Simulation Forum

    news-releasesHuxley Bertram Engineering Ltd
    November 3rd 2022

    Cambridge, UK: – Specialist in advanced powder and tablet compaction Huxley Bertram (HB) will be attending the Compaction Simulation Forum (CSF) in Lyon from 7th to 9th November.

    Huxley Bertram has a long-standing relationship with the Compaction Simulation Forum extending back to the event’s foundation in 2012. At the Lyon forum, HB will sponsor the networking reception that concludes the three-day meeting and will also contribute to the technical and scientific agenda.

    Emerging simulation trends

    During the Day Two round table session, Martin Bennett will be discussing ‘How Equipment/Compaction Simulations Companies are innovating to help their customers’. This will examine latest trends in simulation technology and emerging industry needs, particularly in continuous manufacturing and advanced oral dosage forms.

    Also representing HB at the Lyon forum will be George Taylor, who is also a highly experienced materials test engineer, with a specialty in powder compaction. The team will be on hand throughout the conference in the vendor exhibition zone to meet visitors and answer technical queries on Huxley Bertram’s range of high-performance powder compaction simulators.

    About Huxley Bertram

    Huxley Bertram Ltd. (HB) produces its range of high-performance powder compaction machines and tablet press simulators from its modern design and production facility situated in the hi-tech hub of Cambridgeshire in the UK.

    HB Powder Compacting Machines and Equipment are ideally suited to the development of new powder formulations, with leading-edge technology and precision engineering that allow HB presses to simulate high speed production processes whilst recording accurate process data to optimize production quality and efficiency.

    The superior attributes of the Huxley Bertram tablet press simulators are recognized by the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies for use in their process analytical technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) methods.

    HB Powder Compaction Simulator machines, software and instrumentation are designed to meet the needs of formulation scientists and production engineers, and ranges from economic benchtop fixtures to high-end tablet compaction simulators offering OEB Level 5 containment for work with highly potent compounds.

    Huxley Bertram powder compression systems are engineered to be simple to install and easy to maintain, while minimizing material and tooling costs. They are CE certified and comply with UL requirements, manufactured and tested in-house at Huxley Bertram’s ISO 9001:2015 certificated facilities.

    Learn more at:

    About CSF Europe 2022

    The Compaction Simulation Forum (CSF) is an annual knowledge sharing event dedicated to bringing together scientists and engineers involved in tableting and powder formulation, including practitioners, researchers, formulators, and vendors.

    Since the event was founded in its modern form in 2012, there have been annual or bi-annual CSF meetings, alternating between Europe and the USA, with the most recent meeting held in Brunswick, New Jersey in 2019 before the COVID pandemic.

    The latest CSF will be a three-day meeting, opening November 7, 2022, at the Hotel Lyon-Est , in the southern French city of Lyon.

    The event is organized by the Compaction Simulation Group under the Presidency of Dr. Kevin J. Bittorf with further information at:


    Click on  Huxley Bertram Tablet Compaction Simulators  for further information.
    Click on Event Registration to register for CSF 2022 and purchase tickets


    A poster from the Compaction Simulation Forum argues for a controlled rate of porosity reduction to study compaction speed effects

    Huxley Bertram prominent at Compaction Simulation Forum

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