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    Huxley Bertram Customer Services and Support

    products-servicesHuxley Bertram Engineering Ltd
    February 1st 2023

    Huxley Bertram supports its world-renowned range of pharmaceutical compaction simulators and special purpose solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of customer services designed to keep machines running at optimum efficiency.

    Like the machines themselves, the design and configuration of support and services is based on Huxley Bertram’s more than four decades experience in engineering optimised solutions.

    Service ethos

    Huxley Bertram’s founding mission in 1979 was to provide mechanical engineering solutions to varied problems for any industry or relevant application. In line with this ethos, HB has always been willing to work with industry and project development teams to develop bespoke solutions.

    An example of this is a range of contract development services, provided through collaborations with universities using Huxley Bertram equipment.

    Similarly, it can conduct Special Purpose Projects in discrete work packages; including concept design, feasibility studies, detailed design, system build and service contracts or as end-to-end turnkey projects that culminate in fully automated industrial machines.

    Range of support services

    Huxley Bertram’s support and service portfolio covers every aspect of its product range, including hardware and software. Its principal service range comprises five main offerings:

    • Machine Servicing: Huxley Bertram’s hydraulic-based powder compaction machines have very long expected service lives with no highly stressed bearings, few wearing parts and minimal lubrication requirements. However, they do benefit from an annual service that consists of an oil filter change and a check-over of the machine. Where required, this can be performed by an HB service technician at the client’s site.
    • Calibration: Most customers will need an annual calibration of the measuring transducers for their internal quality procedures. Huxley Bertram can provide this service, usually at the same time as a service visit, or a third party can be used. Calibrations are aligned to national standards and fully traceable, with comprehensive certificates provided.
    • Software Upgrades: HB software is continually being enhanced with new options and improved usability. Updates may be downloaded, or a service engineer may install them if they require safety testing.
    • Operator Training: Huxley Bertram provides all the training required to operate its machines on delivery and specifically tailored to customer requirements. It can also provide additional or refresher training as required. Training on operating software and updates can be delivered remotely over a web link.
    • Development: Huxley Bertram are keen to assist customers with new test requirements, from new software features to new instrumentation and complete fixtures. The machines and software are designed to make new developments as simple as possible. As specialists in custom built machines for research and production across many industries, Huxley Bertram are ideally placed to help customers with new testing requirements and additions to its range of machines and software.

    Service delivery

    Huxley Bertram makes its services and support available to customers via three channels:

    • Face-to-face: machine service, inspection, calibration and adjustments, carried out on site along with some facilitated training sessions where required.
    • Telephone Support: Huxley Bertram’s experts are always available on the phone to answer day to day queries on machine operation, software features, etc.
    • On the web: Most Huxley Bertram machines are Ethernet enabled and can be linked to the internet for remote diagnosis and monitoring. Software support is also available online.

    Huxley Bertram service and support is provided as part of the original machine purchase package, with extension cover contracts available following expiry of the warranty period.


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    A poster from the Compaction Simulation Forum argues for a controlled rate of porosity reduction to study compaction speed effects

    Huxley Bertram Customer Services and Support

    Huxley Bertram machines like the HB100 Powder Compaction Simulator require little maintenance but do benefit from annual inspection and service visits.

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