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    Huxley Bertram HB10 Versatile R&D Tablet Press

    products-servicesHuxley Bertram Engineering Ltd
    November 9th 2023

    Huxley Bertram’s range of Tablet Compaction Simulators as specialist measuring instruments for the pharmaceutical industry includes the HB10 Versatile Tablet Press, which is used for Tableting R&D, powder characterization, process analysis and “Quality by Design” methods.

    The HB10 is a compact and mobile research & development press with a double acting mechanism that has multi-layer capability and can accommodate all standard tooling types.

    HB10 features

    The low-speed but highly capable servo-hydraulic double acting mechanism on the HB10 is powered by an integrated hydraulic pump with low power consumption.

    The press is designed around a rigid steel core for greater precision and uncluttered form for easier cleaning with simple removable tool holders that permit quick and easy tooling installations or changeovers with punches and dies pre-aligned.

    Convenient safety guards support ergonomic and safe operation while stainless steel and approved plastics are used for product contact parts.

    The multi-tool versatility and user-friendliness of the HB10 is further enhanced by its simple operating software and precision instrumentation for load and position, upper and lower force, and multiple other options to carry out comprehensive force and position-controlled tests.

    Designed for versatility

    The HB10 is mounted on castors allowing it to be easily wheeled between workstations or away for cleaning.

    The functionality can be further extended with a range of optional accessories, including automatic feeders, automatic Take-Off and Huxley Bertram’s range of specialized die pressure sensors and instrumentation packages. See the Huxley Bertram website for details.

    HB supports all its compaction simulator solutions with a wide range of specialized accessories and instrumentation, including: Adhesion Punches, Pressure Instrumented Dies, Temperature Instrumented Punches, Temperature Controlled tooling, Shear Testers, etc.

    HB10 Performance Data

    Assured quality

    All HB tablet compaction simulators are CE certified and comply with UL requirements. They are manufactured under assured quality with Huxley Bertram Engineering processes and premises certificated gold standard ISO 9001:2015 requirements for design, manufacture, commissioning of its special purpose machines and automation equipment (see Resources).

    Huxley Bertram ensures all machine building and testing functions are performed in-house.


    Click on Compaction Simulation for information on Huxley Bertram compaction simulators.


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    Huxley Bertram HB10 Versatile R&D Tablet Press

    HB10 Versatile Tablet Press: A compact low-speed servo-hydraulic double acting research & development press with integrated hydraulic pump.

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