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    Huxley Bertram Powder Compaction solutions

    products-servicesHuxley Bertram Engineering Ltd
    June 29th 2022

    Huxley Bertram (HB) produce their range of high performance powder compaction machines and tablet press simulators from their modern design and production facility situated in the hi-tech hub of Cambridgeshire in the UK.

    HB Powder Compacting Machines and Equipment are ideally suited to the development of new powder formulations. Leading-edge technology and precision engineering allow HB presses to simulate high speed production processes whilst recording accurate process data. The process knowledge is used to improve product quality and production efficiency.

    Meeting R&D needs

    Huxley Bertram tablet press simulators are used by the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies for use in their process analytical technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) methods.

    The range of powder pressing equipment and instrumentation covers economic bench top fixtures with multilayer capability, through to the HB100 high-speed Tablet Compaction Simulator offering high level containment up to OEB Level 5: allowing highly potent compounds to be analyzed in tablet formulation and development.

    Leading edge technologies

    HB compaction presses use high pressure servo-hydraulic control that provides the power to simulate high speed production and also delivers longevity and reliability.

    Distinctive Huxley Bertram technologies include:

    • Tri-axial or “Hiestand” testing: fixtures, used to support compaction modeling via tri-axial decompression. This extends the range of materials that can be measured to include brittle active and passive ingredients. The fixtures allow measurement of materials data without cracking caused by uniaxial decompression and ejection
    • Tableting instrumentation: The whole tableting process can be studied using an unrivalled range of measuring technologies, from high pressure die wall sensors, to fast in-tablet temperature transducers, adhesion measuring punches, and much more
    • Adhesion measuring punches
    • Temperature controlled tooling

    Practical benefits

    HB Powder Compaction Simulator machines, software and instrumentation are designed to meet the needs of formulation scientists and production engineers, and also to deliver practical benefits such as minimizing material costs.

    Huxley Bertram powder compression systems are engineered to be simple to install and easy to maintain, with minimal annual servicing requirements.

    Powder compaction range

    The Huxley Bertram powder compaction range includes the following machines and systems:

    • HB100 Tablet Press Simulator: High Speed press for simulation of high speed production offering a larger frame to accommodate high forces (up to 130 kN) and tri-axial Hiestand testing options. Software includes comprehensive data analysis, written to 21CFR part 11 and GAMP5 guidelines, with outputs presented in encrypted and Excel readable TSV formats.
    • HB100 Contained Tablet Press Simulator: A high containment version of the HB100 offering equivalent functionality and advanced features within a fully contained format allowing glove port operation for working with high potency substances. It can be used without gloves for compounds up to OEB3 using a unique hybrid ventilation system.
    • HB50 Tablet Press Simulator: 50 kN servo-hydraulic double ended tablet press simulator with configurable work space for tablet compaction or capsule filling tests. A wide selection of instrumentation and software options. Position-controlled press and roller compactor simulations using a library of machines, and position or load controlled research profiles for material characterisation and initial studies.
    • HB10 Versatile Tablet Press: A compact low-speed but highly capable servo-hydraulic double acting research & development press with integrated hydraulic pump, simple operating software and precision instrumentation for load and position, upper and lower. The HB10 has multi-layer capability and accommodates all standard tooling types.
    • Tablet testing fixtures: these are designed for easy fitment to existing universal testing machines such as Instron, Zwick, MTS etc, to allow advanced compaction testing to be performed. The HB range of specialized die and punch instrumentation packages can be conveniently used for advanced measurements.

    Assured quality

    All HB powder compaction presses are CE certified and comply with UL requirements. They are manufactured under assured quality with Huxley Bertram Engineering processes and premises certificated gold standard ISO 9001:2015 requirements for design, manufacture, commissioning of its special purpose machines and automation equipment (see Resources).

    Huxley Bertram ensures all machine building and testing functions are performed in-house.


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    Click on Powder Compaction for further information on Huxley Bertram Powder Compaction Research machines.
    Click on About Huxley Bertram Engineering Ltd. to learn more and view ISO 9001 certificate.


    A poster from the Compaction Simulation Forum argues for a controlled rate of porosity reduction to study compaction speed effects

    Huxley Bertram Powder Compaction solutions

    Huxley Bertram HB100 Tablet Press Simulator: Sophisticated simulation of high-speed tablet production.

    Huxley Bertram Powder Compaction solutions

    Huxley Bertram HB10 R&D Bench Top Press: A compact but highly capable double acting research press with multi-layer capability.

    Huxley Bertram Powder Compaction solutions

    Huxley Bertram HB50 versatile double ended tablet press simulator with configurable work space for tablet compaction or capsule filling tests.

    Huxley Bertram Powder Compaction solutions

    Huxley Bertram Tablet Test Fixture with optional instrumentation provides a lower load cell and Instrumented Die for fitment to universal testing machines from Instron, MTS, Zwick, etc…

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