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    HOF Sonderanlagenbau technical forum offers advanced freeze drying insights

    news-releasesHOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH
    November 2nd 2017

    The German-based leader in high quality tailored freeze-drying lyophilization solutions, HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH, is putting the finishing touches to its upcoming “HOF-Fachforum” technical workshop.

    This will be the second Fachforum that HOF has hosted, the first event having taken place during the company’s 25th Anniversary year in 2014.

    “Due to continuous development, our sector is in a constant evolution and we thought the time was right to organize a new Fachforum,” said founder and CEO Hans-Georg Hof.

    “Our forum will offer varied, exciting and top-class technical lectures: this will be a multi-faceted and highly informative event,” said Mr. Hof.

    Always Think Ahead

    The “Always Think Ahead” HOF Fachforum will be a one-day event, held on November 16, 2017, at the ‘Welcome Hotel’ in Marburg. However, on the previous evening, Wednesday November 15, HOF will host a ‘get together’ supper reception for delegates at the hotel. Participants will then have a chance to get a factory tour after the sessions.

    The workshop will open at 0830 with an introductory address from Mr. Hof, followed by a series of technical presentations on various topics, including:

    • Themes in freeze-drying:
    • Evolving technologies for process monitoring and control
    • Overview of controlled ice nucleation in lyophilization
    • Automated loading and unloading solutions
    • Priority machine and product protection

    After lunch, there will be parallel workshops covering use of HOF SynchroFreeze for vacuum-induced ice nucleation, Trends in the refrigeration technics and conformity with current European F-Gas regulations and combating silicone oil leaks.

    The workshop will primarily be conducted in German language, with simultaneous English translation available.

    HOF Tour

    After the workshop sessions, HOF will offer visitors to take a tour of both HOF’s manufacturing sites, in Lohra and in adjacent Gladenbach-Mornshausen, which are among the most technically advanced in the world and key to HOF’s abilities to tailor unique machines for each client.

    The whole event is expected to end at around 1800 hrs.

    Deadline for registrations is November 3, 2017.

    About HOF Sonderanlagenbau

    HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH is a world-class and highly innovative special equipment manufacturer of lyophilization freeze-drying, freeze-thaw and loading/unloading systems for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

    Founded in 1988, this German family-owned company has become one of the world’s most respected names for high quality just in time freeze drying (lyophilization) solutions, with more than three decades of experience.

    Sonderanlagenbau is German for ‘special equipment manufacture’ and in this case, refers to HOF’s lab scale, pilot scale and production scale freeze drying solutions, loading and unloading systems, and freeze-thaw units for the pharmaceutical, biotech and life science industries.

    From its advanced manufacturing base at Lohra, north of Frankfurt, HOF designs and constructs specifically tailored freeze-drying and associated solutions for companies all over the world under its motto of “Just in time quality for demanding customers.”

    HOF Sonderanlagenbau does not offer off-the-shelf products but has instead constructed a fully integrated total design and build environment in which every machine is unique, exactly specified in partnership with customer and manufactured to meet very specific requirements. The partnership ethos extends into ownership, with our comprehensive service and maintenance offerings designed to ensure that no one needs to work on a HOF machine except its own experts.

    During 2017, HOF was named one of the Top 100 most innovative companies in Germany.


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    HOF Sonderanlagenbau technical forum offers advanced freeze drying insights

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