Gerteis MiniPactor® Roller Compactor System

Gerteis MiniPactor® Roller Compactor System

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The laboratory-scale Gerteis roller compactor, the MiniPactor® system, has processing capacity ranging from 10 grams per trial up to 100Kg per hour.

This provides an ideal dry granulation platform for pre-clinical and clinical development, while at the same time easily handling pilot projects and small-scale production batches.


  • Constant ribbon density
  • Validated gap and force measurement
  • Standard occupational exposure limit (OEL) under 3μg per cubic meter
  • Fully instrumented
  • Perfect gap seal system
  • Process data acquisition
  • Free floating gap design
  • Split valves on feed and discharge

User Benefits

  • The MiniPactor® design benefits from Gerteis close academic cooperation with leading research universities and its renowned expertise in dry granulation technologies and processes.
  • This knowledge is reflected in the system’s excellent mechanical and isolation properties and supports ultra-high containment applications.
  • Users can also benefit from Gerteis excellent worldwide technical and scientific support and its respected programme of pharmaceutical roller compaction seminars. These allow Gerteis to share latest knowledge and valuable insights.
  • The MiniPactor® shares a harmonized design and operator interface with the rest of the Gerteis Pactor® range, easing and speeding scale-up to full-size production.
  • The wide range of options available allows the MiniPactor®to be configured very precisely to specific requirements, applications and substances.
  • Other advantages include full validation documentation and support for CFR 21 Part 11 compliance.

  • Additional Options

    • Different roller surfaces
    • WIP cleaning
    • Vacuum de-aeration
    • Press roller & mill cooling
    • Advanced OEL design (< 1μg/m3)
    • Ultra-high containment solutions
    • Built in PAT control system
    • Integrated two-step granulation system
    • Separate feed funnel for small quantities
    • Operator Interface with industrial PC solutions
    Technical Specifications:
    Press force: 1-20kilonewtons (kN) per cm
    Roller speed: 1-30 RPM
    Gap: 1-6 mm
    Weight: 1,200 Kg



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    Supplier Information
    Supplier: Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG
    Address: Stampfstrasse 74, 8645 Jona, Switzerland
    Tel: +41 55 222 55 22
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