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The Gerteis MINI-PACTOR® is the ideal laboratory roller compactor solution, designed and engineered for pre-clinical and clinical dry granulation development and pilot projects.

MINI-PACTOR® can process trial material batches as small as 10g but can easily be scaled up to small production runs, working at up to 100 kilograms per hour.


MINI-PACTOR® incorporates high quality Gerteis engineering and granulator design in a compact package designed and engineered for pharma laboratory use.

MINI-PACTOR® features constant ribbon properties, validated gap and force measurement and low OEL levels, under 3µg/m³. There are options for various interfaces to pneumatic conveyer or feed and discharge interfaces needed to support high containment applications.

This harmonized PACTOR® design makes scale-up to full scale production machines from the Gerteis range the fastest on the market.

MINI-PACTOR® Engineering

MINI-PACTOR® shares the same basic design as its larger brothers, based on the Gerteis Dry Granulation Concept of a roller compaction process in which powder is compacted between two counter rotating rolls by applying a force, to form ribbons or flakes. Like every other Gerteis® roller compactor, MINI-PACTOR® comprises three principle sections or sub-assemblies.

  • Feeding system: a series of inlet funnels and augers that convey uncompacted particles to the compaction unit and feed the powder between the rolls.
  • Compaction unit: where granules are compacted between two counter rotating press rollers, applying precisely defined force and a metered gap between the rollers to produce a ribbon of crushed particles.
  • Size reduction unit: a further rotor that mills the compacted ribbons to desired particle size.


Gerteis pharma roller compactors are specifically designed to meet pharmaceutical dry granulation needs, with features that allow them process the whole range of powders and granules, even notoriously difficult ones.

For example, heat transfer to the compactor rollers is kept to an absolute minimum, which is especially crucial for fragile and heat sensitive substances. Additional roller cooling is available but is rarely needed.

With the optional wash in place (WIP) or clean in place (CIP) features, plus a range of different press roller surface designs, MINI-PACTOR® can be very precisely tailored to provide an optimal solution for any dry granulation application.

Ingenious roller compactor design ensures cleaning cycles are fast and thorough, enabling rapid switching between different batches.

MINI-PACTOR® also supports ultra-high containment to meet very low occupational exposure requirements for highly active pharmaceutical ingredients (HAPIs), etc.

MINI PACTOR® incorporates a range of features that make it particularly suitable for laboratory use:

  • Small Amount Feed Funnel: For trials with small quantities.
  • HMI control screen: the Gerteis Human-Machine Interface ‘dashboard’ provides an intuitive and customizable HMI placement within the laboratory, with multilingual user interfaces available.
  • High containment: A fully enclosed mechanism allows containment levels down to 1µg/m³ (OEB4), even without using an isolator.
  • WIP/CIP: Wash-In-Place and fully automated Clean-In-Place attachments are available.
  • Sampling: MINI-PACTOR® allows ribbon and granule sampling with contained sampling also available.
  • Milling: Oscillating mill design reduces energy consumption.


MINI-PACTOR®’s versatility and range of applications are extended by a range of optional features and attachments. These include:

  • Range of press roller surfaces: smooth, knurled or custom designs
  • Granulator: star rotor or pocket type with pre-crushing feature
  • Custom built interface to connect with pneumatic or mechanical conveyor systems
  • WIP and CIP solutions
  • Seamless integration with Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software

MINI-PACTOR® Specifications

Throughput max. 100 kg/h
Press Force 1 – 20 kN/cm
Roller speed range 1 – 30 rpm
Gap 1 – 6 mm
Weight 1200 kg



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Gerteis MINI-PACTOR®: optimized for laboratory development and small-scale  production

Gerteis MINI-PACTOR®: optimized for laboratory development and small-scale production

Gerteis MINI-PACTOR®:showing HMI control screen

Gerteis MINI-PACTOR®:showing HMI control screen

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