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    Gerteis® brings NextGen roller compaction to INTERPHEX and CPHI North America

    news-releasesGerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG
    April 11th 2023

    Jona, Switzerland:  Dry granulation roller compaction leader Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG (Gerteis®) underlines its strong presence in the U.S. market by appearing simultaneously at two of America’s highest prestige pharma expos next month.

    Gerteis® will exhibit at both INTERPHEX 2023 and also CPHI North America, being staged over the same three days in New York and Philadelphia respectively.

    Premium development platform

    At INTERPHEX 2023, Gerteis® will again be found at Booth 2240 at New York City’s Javits Center, where it will feature continuous demonstrations of its MINI-PACTOR® premium roller compactor for development use and small production batches.

    At CPHI NA, the Gerteis® stand will be at Booth 524 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, providing A/V displays of its whole range of renowned Made in Switzerland machines that also include MACRO-PACTOR®, POLYGRAN®, MINI-POLYGRAN® and ULTRA PACTOR®.

    High containment and continuous manufacturing

    Both Gerteis® displays are being organised in partnership with US associates Increnovo and MHS Pharma, who will exhibit associated offerings.

    The stand teams at both shows will be led by Gerteis® Vice President, Hartmut Vom Bey, who will shuttle between New York and Philadelphia to meet visitors and share expertise on dry granulation roller compaction, including high containment and continuous manufacturing (CM) applications.

    NextGen roller compactors

    The Gerteis® exhibits will also herald development of a new generation of its industry-leading roller compaction platforms. These new versions will include leading-edge software improvements, faster control algorithms, and containment enhancements.

    The NextGen Gerteis® roller compactors will also incorporate an innovative inline hardness indicator for ribbons that will enable online measurement of the hardness of the ribbons as they pass through the floating gap rollers, serving as PAT technology for roller compaction in the future and making Gerteis® machines even more useful in continuous manufacturing lines or large-scale batch manufacturing.

    The hardness indicator can also be helpful for high containment applications where off line measurements are inherently difficult. The very fast response will be very beneficial for small scale or research & development machines.

    Gerteis® is offering customers digital event invitations to attend INTERPHEX 2023 free of charge as a guest of the company.

    About Gerteis®

    Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG is a Swiss-based company that has rapidly established itself as a world leader in the field of premium roller compactors. The company’s products and services cover all aspects of dry granulation processes, with unparalleled experience in this field built up since the company was founded in 1986.

    Gerteis® manufactures a wide range of high-quality containment roller compactors that are versatile enough to process a vast range of powders, even notoriously problematic ones at both laboratory and production scales. The company’s patented technologies are widely used by the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

    As well as manufacturing machinery, Gerteis® offers complete solution packages that help customers increase productivity including support on identifying ideal formulations and in-house training courses on dry granulation processing. Gerteis® constantly seeks to expand its knowledge on dry granulation, participating in numerous research collaborations with German universities.

    Learn more at:

    About INTERPHEX 2023

    Over more than 40 years, America’s International Pharmaceutical Expo (INTERPHEX or IPX) has become established as one of the world’s leading single source events for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing solutions and technologies.

    The 43rd INTERPHEX Expo aims to showcase the full range of state-of-the-art solutions needed for cost-effective product development and manufacture, including equipment, accessories and technologies while offering networking and peer-to-peer sharing opportunities, presentations and interactive demonstrations.

    INTERPHEX 2023 is a three-day event opening April 25, once again at the Javits Center in New York City.  The event is sponsored by the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) and organized by Reed Exhibitions with more information at:

    About CPhI North America

    CPHI North America made its debut in 2017 as an extension of the highly successful CPhI worldwide franchise first established in 1989. Originally conceived as a chemical and pharmaceutical ingredients show, CPHI has now been rebranded as a global series of events attracting more than 100,000 attendees annually.

    The CPHI NA event platform takes in the entire pharma value chain, including APIs,  Contract services, Custom chemical manufacturing, Finished dosage and formulations, Biopharmaceuticals, Machinery, Technology, and Pharmaceutical packaging.

    The seventh CPHI North America Expo is again a hybrid ‘Smart Event’. The main element is a three-day face-to-face expo  that opens April 25, 2023, once again at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, expected to attract more than 3,000 visitors from some 70 countries. This is combined with an online learning and networking platform that remains live till May 12.

    CPhI North America is staged by leading Global B2B events organizer and publisher Informa, with further information at:


    Click on Gerteis at INTERPHEX 2023 for other information.
    Click on Gerteis at CPHI NA 2023 to visit exhibitor landing page.
    Click on About Gerteis®  to view video.


    Dry granulation and its application in dietary supplements manufacturing

    Gerteis® brings NextGen roller compaction to INTERPHEX and CPHI North America
    Gerteis® brings NextGen roller compaction to INTERPHEX and CPHI North America
    Gerteis® brings NextGen roller compaction to INTERPHEX and CPHI North America

    On show at INTERPHEX 2023: Gerteis® MINI-PACTOR R&D scale roller compaction system in high containment execution.

    Gerteis® brings NextGen roller compaction to INTERPHEX and CPHI North America

    Gerteis® global headquarters at Jona, Switzerland,

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