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    Gasporox re-engineers web presence ahead of CPhI Milan

    news-releasesGasporox AB
    November 8th 2021

    Lund, Sweden: – Ahead of its important appearance at the upcoming return of CPhI Worldwide as a physical expo on Milan, non-destructive testing technology specialist Gasporox AB has rolled out a completely re-engineered and redesigned website.

    The new English language Gasporox website at features a clearer ‘gallery’ display of all the company’s main testing instruments and solutions, including the GPX1500 series of headspace gas testers for vials, pharma packaging and foodstuffs, as well as the GasSpect laser HGA portfolio for oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water analysis and the GPX Porosity testing solution.

    More information, faster

    The new site also offers quick and intuitive access to all Gasporox technology applications, upcoming events, service and support resources, company information and contact channels.

    The website redesign is part of Gasporox’s ongoing commitment to provide high quality services to its customers, backed up by its regular newsletters.

    “We wanted to display our entire product portfolio in a more accessible and easily navigable way,” commented Gasporox CEO Märta Lewander Xu.

    Easier access

    “Therefore our objectives were to deliver more information, a broader display of products, real-world application examples and to make it easier to access offers about products and services, as well as customer support,” she continued.

    “The new design achieves all that and also includes a new section specifically for distributors and resellers,” said Ms. Lewander Xu.

    “Early feedback has been very encouraging with positive comments, increased traffic and more product inquiries,” she concluded.

    About Gasporox

    Gasporox, based in Lund in southern Sweden, develops and manufactures laser-based sensors for integration into in-line inspection and production lines for Headspace Analysis and Leak Detection. Gasporox sensors are also available in various instruments ideal for quality control and at-line inspection of packaging and support many different package formats as highly effective tools for more efficient sample testing and greener production.

    The GasSpect for Headspace Analysis sensors work with transparent and non-transparent packages like trays, bags, bottles, containers and can measure O2, CO2, H2O, CO2, pressure, residual oxygen and more. The LeakSpect for Leak Detection sensor series work with transparent and non-transparent packages like trays, bags, bottles and containers of many types of material and can detect leaks of O2 and CO2. These sensor series are to be integrated into production machines.

    Gasporox technology has been proven for performance and robustness over more than a decade in the pharmaceutical industry in the testing of parenteral drugs. It is integrated and used in machines, systems and instruments for total lab and production testing of vials and ampoules in many parenteral packaging lines.

    Gasporox testing technologies are non-destructive, deterministic and <USP1207> and ASTM recognized.

    Learn more at:


    Click on Gasporox Homepage to visit new website.


    Specialist in Non-destructive Headspace Analysis

    Gasporox re-engineers web presence ahead of CPhI Milan

    New Gasporox website places a gallery of all its products on the front page.   

    Gasporox re-engineers web presence ahead of CPhI Milan

    Applications pages show clearly how to use Gasporox instruments and their benefits.

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