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    Gasporox AB

    Gasporox specializes in providing non-destructive quality testing of packages for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, through headspace gas analysis and leak detection methods. Its products include sensors for integration into instrumentation for laboratory or in-line applications.

    Gasporox advanced laser technologies enables more sustainable packaging of pharma, food and beverages with testing processes that, unlike traditional ones, do not require any destruction of products. Its solutions also perform with far higher performance and efficiency compared with competitors. Gasporox delivers a high-quality product that promotes more efficient production as well as reducing waste and enhancing sustainability.

    Products & Services

    Gasporox is distinctive as a pioneer of Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) developed originally by research scientists at Sweden’s Lund University and now developed by Gasporox’s own senior R&D team. This is now used for quality control in HSA applications and for leak detection of gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor in packaging for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

    Gasporox also uses a distinctive version of the TDLAS technology, Gas in Scattering Media Absorption Spectroscopy (GASMAS), which was also developed at Lund University, GASMAS uniquely applies TDLAS for determination of gases inside pores, cavities and packages surrounded by light-scattering media.

    These advances have allowed Gasporox to become experts in applying TDLAS technologies to focus areas like food and pharmaceutical packaging, as well as leak testing of packages. Packaging materials can range from totally transparent to those that only allow for a minor fraction of the light to pass and the gas to be detected.

    For the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, Gasporox provides leading-edge and cost-efficient solutions for non-intrusive and non-destructive quality control of parenterals and other product types such as vials, ampoules, IV-bags, or syringes. The method is recommended in USP1207 and is compliant with CCIT-standards and other regulations.

    Its product portfolio includes:

    • GasSpect™ sensors and modules to be integrated for headspace analysis
    • LeakSpect™ sensors and modules to be integrated for leak detection
    • GPX1500 Series instruments for quality control of vials, ampoules, or IV-bags
    • GPX Porosity instrument for porosity analysis of pharmaceutical substrates and ribbons

    Vision and Mission

    The Gasporox vision is of advanced lasers being incorporated in all packaging lines in order to contribute to a more sustainable world with less unnecessary waste.  Its mission is to be the leading provider of non-destructive and non-intrusive quality control of packages within the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

    In pursuit of these aims, the Gasporox team strives every day for constant innovation and to lead the way with genuinely innovative laser-based technologies that will provide sustainable and effective solutions. The company also seeks to develop genuine partnerships with customers in which Gasporox is able to offer insights, advice and solutions encompassing complete processes, while learning from customer experiences and successes.

    Company History and Structure

    Based in southern Sweden, close to the Oresund Bridge to Denmark, Gasporox traces its origins to Lund University where leading scientists developed TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy) for use in MedTech and in the packaging sector.

    Gasporox was first incorporated as a company in 2005 to develop TDLAS and secure patents but first became active in 2011 in the wake of Sweden’s ICA meat packaging scandal that revealed need for more capable testing technologies.

    Gasporox CEO Dr. Märta Lewander Xu was pursuing doctoral activities focused on using the TDLAS-based technology to improve packaging. Her research led to the development of Gasporox as a research and manufacturing business. Dr. Lewander Xu formed a team to develop a broad range of laser-based testing products that can be used for quality control of pharmaceutical, food and beverage packaging.

    In 2016, Gasporox was listed on NASDAQ First North and founded subsidiary GPX Medical, which was in 2020 spun off as a separate company.

    All Gasporox manufacturing is conducted in-house at its Lund facility with sales organizations based in Sweden and Switzerland.

    The workforce is highly expert with all employees educated to university degree standard and almost two-thirds holding PhD in Physics.

    Working alongside Dr. Lewander Xu, the Gasporox Sales team includes Senior Sales Manager & Application Specialist Roland Koch, Instrument Sales & Product Manager Jean-Philippe Descloux, and Technical Sales Support, Dr. Amal El Nahhas.

    Quality, Regulatory and Standards

    All stand-alone Gasporox products are CE marked to comply with different ISO-standards and are EMC tested. Gasporox technology meets USP1207 guidelines and complies with US Food & Drug Administration standards.

    Internally, Gasporox has extensive protocols for quality assurance and testing of their products, refined over many years. These include extensive EMC-testing performed on products to assure very low radiation emissions. All products are developed and produced in-house, retaining complete quality control over the entire manufacturing process.

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