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    From Idea to Application – Enabling Better Peptide Drugs. A start-up story about Belyntic

    videosBachem AG
    November 2nd 2021

    Purification is not only paramount for achieving a high purity, it is a major determinant for the productivity of the whole manufacturing process of APIs. That’s why the Berlin-based start-up Belyntic has taken a journey from an idea to improve peptide drug purification to founding a chemical company offering an innovative peptide manufacturing solution.

    The idea was born within the circle of three friends that wanted to do something different at the end of their chemistry PhDs. The vision was that the new company should offer a chromatography-free peptide manufacturing solution. For that they invented the Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) technology. With this idea and together with a fourth founder, complementing the team with experience in business administration, the Belyntic story began.

    See this webinar which will take you through this journey from how the idea sparked, through how Belyntic prepared for market entry and plan their future growth.


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