Evolve medical and research facility design services

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January 29th 2021

The core business of Malta-based Evolve Ltd. is the design, equipment sourcing and installation of fully equipped laboratory and medical facilities, in line with a corporate mission to improve the impact that science and technology have on society, today and for the future.

The company applies its multi-industry experience to engineer customized solutions for its clients, with ongoing engagement in training and long-term maintenance, repair and management of facilities.

Medical and research facility design services

Evolve offers a holistic service that can encompass every aspect of the design, construction, fit out and commissioning of a hi-tech laboratory, production or medical workspace.

This service has been applied on behalf of scientific, healthcare, industrial, pharmaceutical, academic and heritage organizations to construct and renovate private and public laboratories and research facilities.

The Evolve service encompasses four interlinked disciplines and areas of expertise: design, equipment, training and maintenance, with digital assistance applied at each phase.

Facility design solutions

In design, Evolve’s highly qualified experts and partners provide facility design and consultancy services that comply with relevant regulatory requirements, including latest industrial occupational health and safety standards.

These services include laboratory layouts, production facility and clean room designs.

Detailed designs can be fully expressed in computer aided design (CAD) and Autodesk Revit® building information autocad 3D and computer aided design and manufacturing (CADCAM) software models that can be directly transferred to architects, structural engineers, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) engineers, designers and contractors.

These  and REVIT models, laboratory layouts, utilities for scientific workspaces such as compressed air, gas distribution, WFI / PW loops, drains, solvent waste, electricity, HVAC, etc., and purified water distribution loops in thermoplastic materials following EP and USP guidelines.

Custom designs

The customer’s own ideas and essential facilities can be laid out in CAD models and autocad blocks, allowing the rest of the total design to be built around them.

By laying out the essential elements in autocad drawings and REVIT diagrams, Evolve’s design team is able to offer the customer a fully visualized and evolving ‘live’ model that can be shaped and perfected with all facets of the project discussed and expressed as cad file hard data stored in a cad library database to form the basis of regulatory compliance submissions.

The cad design models can incorporate such technical aspects as purified water distribution loops in thermoplastic materials following EP and USP guidelines, essential support services for  scientific workspaces such as compressed air, gas distribution, water for injection loops, drains, solvent waste, electricity, and HVAC systems.

Equipment and fit out

Evolve specializes in providing businesses with a competitive edge through technology, delivering high quality advanced equipment at the best possible value. It can specify, procure and install equipment at most advantageous prices as part of an integrated and project managed total program aligned with actual clinical, scientific or analytical needs.

Where necessary, the cadcam models can also extend to detailed bespoke bench and furniture layouts, allowing the whole workspace to be custom designed and fitted out to available space and specific applications.

Evolve’s designs can also take into account dynamic aspects such as personnel and sample flows, along with particular analytical processes, safety standards and budgets all taken into consideration in a complete turnkey lab or facility design.

Evolve is fully qualified to operate under the ISO:9001:2015 Quality Management System. It specifies all facilities, sites or installations to the quality standards of ISO9001 and international environmental, health & safety guidelines.


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Evolve medical and research facility design services

Evolve can provide laboratory, production and healthcare facilities that are designed and equipped to specific needs and applications