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    Evolve Ltd.

    In line with its corporate mission to improve the impact that science and technology have on society, today and for the future, Evolve Ltd. designs, constructs, sources and installs fully equipped controlled environments.

    The company applies its multi-industry experience to engineer customized solutions for its clients, with ongoing engagement in training and long-term maintenance, repair and management of facilities.

    Activity & Product areas

    Evolve offers a holistic service that draws on four principal areas of expertise, in the design, installation and equipping, personnel training and maintenance of laboratory and research workspaces.

    This service has been applied on behalf of scientific, healthcare, industrial, pharmaceutical, academic and heritage organizations to construct and renovate private and public laboratories and research facilities.

    The Evolve service encompasses four interlinked disciplines and areas of expertise:

    • Design: Qualified personnel and partners provide design and consultancy services to the latest industrial occupational health and safety standards to comply with relevant regulatory requirements. These services include facility design expressed in CAD and REVIT models, laboratory layouts, utilities for scientific workspaces such as compressed air, gas distribution, WFI / PW loops, drains, solvent waste, electricity, HVAC, etc, and purified water distribution loops in thermoplastic materials following EP and USP guidelines.
    • Equipment: Evolve specifies, procures and installs equipment at most advantageous prices as part of an integrated and project managed total program aligned with actual clinical, scientific or analytical needs.
    • Training: Including operator training in using new equipment, application training in adapting processes to incorporate new equipment, maintenance of a client accessible knowledge base with relevant articles, latest developments and industry trends, sharing of FAQs, methods, etc., and a Customer Education Program offering free training on multiple subjects of interest.
    • Maintenance: Ongoing maintenance and facility management is often best handled as an outsourced service. Evolve provides a comprehensive maintenance support service to suit most requirements, using a team of fully trained & dedicated service engineers to handle such aspects as installation and operational qualification (IQ/OQ), calibration of sensors and probes, environmental mapping, clean area qualification, etc.

    Evolve offers a range of maintenance plans and uses various technologies such as Salesforce CRM, Microsoft office 365 suite and proprietary Augmented Reality Technology software and hardware to deliver its expertise anywhere in the world. It also constructs projects around a single point of contact project manager with overall responsibility for Design, Equip, Train, and Maintain aspects.

    Company Structure and Background

    Based in Malta, Evolve Ltd. is part of the Attard & Co. Group of Companies founded in 1921. In 1956, Attard & Co. set up its Medical and Scientific Equipment and Supplies (MSES) Department to cater for its first scientific products, microscopes.

    During the 1990s, under the leadership of Christopher Busuttil Delbridge, Evolve’s Managing Director, MSES changed its business model, centered on a vision to become a recognized, award-winning, world-class thought leader and influencer on the international scientific and healthcare laboratory market.

    In 2006, following Malta’s accession to the EU, MSES Department was rebranded as Evolve Ltd., an independent Attard & Co. subsidiary tasked with serving the Scientific community and within five years had developed Medical & Diagnostics, Scientific and Technical Services as operating departments.

    Evolve currently employs 30 people, mostly scientists and technical experts.

    In 2018, Evolve attended an AR/VR/AI summit in Liverpool that resulted in the purchasing of an augmented reality (AR) system now applied for remote after-sales support. Between 2018 and 2019, Evolve initiated Business Process Analysis and Strategic Marketing Consultancy programs to support international operations, including engagement in West Africa, Ethiopia and sub-Saharan Africa.

    Quality, Regulatory & Standards

    In 2015, Evolve qualified to operate under the ISO:9001:2015 Quality Management System and introduced SalesForce CRM into its operations, now an integral part of its management and processes.

    Between 2016  and 2017, all Evolve employees participated in an intensive, 9-month-long course in Positive Psychology and participated in various courses, including  SME Internationalization & Export Management, Guerrilla Marketing and Marketing Strategy: Planning & Simulation.

    Evolve specifies all facilities, sites or installations to the relevant quality standards and international environmental, health & safety guidelines.

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