Evolve joins new medical cannabis development triumvirate

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December 23rd 2020

Luqa, Malta: – Life sciences environment specialist Evolve Ltd (Evolve) has signed a major medical partnership with two specialist medical cannabis firms, Malta and UK-based Cannanalytica and Greek-based Cannabreeze.

The partners aim to further develop the ethical cannabis industry for the Mediterranean region and across Europe by better serving customer needs and providing a single point of contact with overall responsibility.

The collaboration will see all three companies working together on major medical cannabis projects, in the region, with each focusing on their fields of expertise from technical knowledge to cultivation and packaging.

Synergistic capabilities

Each of the partners brings specific expertise and capabilities to bear in forming an end-to-end consulting and production development service.

  • Cannanalytica offers regulatory, EU-GMP certification and business development consultancy services to investors and licensed producers currently present in the medical cannabis space or planning to enter it.
  • The Cannabreeze team provides a full 360-degree in-depth innovative approach in consultation and equipment, from medical cannabis cultivation to processing facilities.
  • Evolve has a proven record of success in the field, having helped to develop the first EU-GMP-compliant medical cannabis facilities on Malta in 2019.

The Luqa-based company is also the leading turnkey contractor for any other part of the investment, including cleanroom processing, lab equipment and supplies and purified water loops.

Enabling market entry

Evolve managing director Christopher Busuttil Delbridge commented: “With this cooperation agreement, the entry pains of planning and setting up the facilities required will be taken on by our newly-formed venture.”

“The future is bright for anyone setting up operations in this industry and this partnership has just made it easier,” Mr. Busuttil Delbridge declared.

“Together, we have decades of experience in the industry, and this joint project will allow investors and growers to move directly to what they want to do and are good at, reaping the fruits of their efforts,” he said.

Ensuring regulatory compliance

Recently Evolve began producing a series of guides to cultivating, testing and licensing cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG  for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and other applications, recognizing the imperatives to ensure regulatory compliance through rigorous quality control (QC).

Evolve has identified QC and product consistency as key challenges for would-be ethical cannabis producers in meeting complex regulatory approval processes.

Overcoming these challenges will require use of sophisticated laboratory methods, including High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP), all of which require extensive laboratory experience, with training and deep understanding of analytical chemistry.

Evolve believes cannabis producers will increasingly look to outsourcing or consultancy to set up or upgrade  their growing, processing, and QA testing to meet required GMP and other standard.

About Evolve Ltd.

Evolve Ltd, is a Malta-based solution provider and project integrator operating in the European, Mediterranean and sub-Saharan African region. Servicing all scientific workspaces Evolve offers a holistic service that draws on four principal areas of expertise, in the design, equipping, personnel training and maintenance of laboratory and research facilities and equipment.

Evolve Ltd. is part of the Attard & Co. Group of Companies and traces its origins to Attard’s setting up in 1956 of Medical and Scientific Equipment and Supplies (MSES) to cater for its scientific products. During the 1990s, under the leadership of Christopher Busuttil Delbridge, Evolve’s current Managing Director, MSES changed its business model, centered on a vision to become a recognized, award-winning, world-class thought leader and influencer on the international scientific and healthcare laboratory market.

In 2006, following Malta’s accession to the EU, MSES Department was rebranded as Evolve Ltd., an independent  Attard subsidiary tasked with serving the scientific community. Within five years, it had developed three operating departments: Medical & Diagnostics, Scientific & Industrial and Technical Services.

Evolve currently employs some 30 people, mostly scientists and technical experts.

About Cannabreeze

Based in Neo Pshiciko, Greece, Cannabreeze offers services covering every part of the ethical cannabis value chain, from seeds to final packaging.

The Cannabreeze team offers a full 360° in-depth approach to the cannabis cultivation equipment supply industry.

It aims to enable clients to produce specific genomes in order to extract & distillate precise formulations according to the final medicine or effect desired.

Cannabreeze strives to accompany its clients every step of the way from the plant to medicine with products such as grow lights, advanced extraction & distillation machinery, and personalised packaging.

Further information at: https://cannabreeze.co/

About Cannanalytica Ltd.

Based at Attard, Malta, and in London, Cannanalytica is a consultancy firm specialising in the global medical cannabis industry.

It offers regulatory, EU GMP certification and business development consultancy services to investors and licensed producers currently present or planning to enter the medical cannabis space.

The Cannanalytica team of business executives, regulatory experts and QP/QA specialists possess in-depth experience in the pharma industry and are able to advise our clients on medical cannabis projects within Europe and market requirements .

The company offers full end-to-end consulting services including Certification and Compliance, and Audits for existing facilities.

Further information at: https://www.cannanalytica.com


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Evolve joins new medical cannabis development triumvirate

The three medical cannabis partners will provide an end-to-end consulting and business development service

Evolve joins new medical cannabis development triumvirate

Christopher Busuttil Delbridge, Managing Director, Evolve Ltd.

Evolve joins new medical cannabis development triumvirate

Luqa-based Evolve is a leading Life sciences environment specialist for southern Europe