Euker launches innovative ‘two in one’ leaflet

Euker launches innovative ‘two in one’ leaflet

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MARCH 31, 2014

Marburg, Germany: – Secondary packaging specialist Euker Marburg has added the unique Outsert 2in1℗ combined leafleting solution to its range of package insert products.

Outsert 2in1, which received its public premiere at Pharmapack 2014, is a highly innovative product that uses clever design combined with advanced folding and cutting machinery to produce a single folded and sealed package that opens out to deliver two separate leaflets into the hands of the end-user.

“The new product is targeted for products and applications where focused information for various target groups or various applications demand separate but related leaflets,” said Euker Marburg’s General Manager, Robert Mägerlein.

“These can meet needs for different languages, different user groups or twin element products in one package, saving the user from having to sift through a stack of different inserts,” he added.


“Outsert 2in1 is also an ideal solution for restricted space packages or where the manufacturer’s packaging machinery can only handle a limited number of elements,” said Mr. Mägerlein.

The new product provides three key advantages.

First, it provides two leaflets in one enclosure, allowing manufacturers to bundle together related information streams, such as versions for patient and doctor/pharmacist, or full information with alternative quick guide.

Second, the solution eliminates any need for perforations or tear off lines that may eat into the text.

Third, it provides a single insert element, requiring only one station or feed point on the final packaging line.

Advanced engineering

Outsert 2in1 was developed in close cooperation with a leading pharmaceutical company and is protected by patent.

Euker Marburg’s advanced machines allow the two leaflets to be printed on the same sheet and folded together into a normal outsert, which is then closed by a perforated label. During the last step, the folding machine also makes an additional cut that separates the two leaflets inside the enclosure. Outsert 2in1 can than be packed into the product packaging as a single element, like a conventional outsert.


About Eukerdruck

Euker Marburg is the trading name of Eukerdruck GmbH & Co KG, a specialist print and secondary packaging producer for the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industries.

This family-owned company produces a wide range of labels, leaflets, mini-booklets and other products from its modern plant in Marburg, north of Frankfurt am Main.

Euker Marburg possesses high production capacity, with daily output exceeding five million labels, four million package inserts and one million booklets and brochures. The company delivers some 20,000 orders a year in a multitude of languages to manufacturing companies around the world.

Its products divide into three main categories:

  • Labels in myriad combinations of format, color, material and adhesive properties. Production of special labels can be tailored for individual requirements, such as lamination or included holograms, shrink sleeves or inmoulds
  • Packaging inserts to provide consumer information or support integrated marketing campaigns, ranging from information inserts for tablet packaging or cosmetics to sweepstakes cards attached directly to the product. Standard products include special folding formats such as inserts, outserts and wrapserts down to a minimum finished format of 25 x 25 millimeters, equipped with adhesive
  • Booklets and mini booklets up to 388 pages in all colours and in a wide variety of formats that provide ultra high quality inserts or extra information to support products. Euker Marburg’s modern machinery supports various binding formats and can also combine booklets with accordion-fold brochures, labels or other printed goods in ‘combiner’ packages

Media Contact

Robert Mägerlein, General Manager, Euker Marburg
Tel: +49 6421 954 120


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