DORNIER-LTF to Attend ArabLab 2013

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DORNIER-LTF to Attend ArabLab 2013

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Supplier Press Release: DORNIER-LTF to Attend ArabLab 2013
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MARCH 06, 2013

DORNIER-LTF to Attend ArabLab 2013

DORNIER-LTF, the Germany-based engineers of pipetting device PIRO®, has announced it is to attend ArabLab 2013 held from 10-13th March. This is the first time DORNIER-LTF has attended the expo, held at Dubai International Exhibition Centre.

DORNIER-LTF will be based at stand 522 for the three day event. From there, the DORNIER-LTF team will be showcasing its innovative PIRO®, the easy-to-program, personal pipetting robot that can be used for many liquid handling needs. The sophisticated robot is able to offer anything from the simplest liquid transfers to highly complex applications in five simple steps.

Organised by the ARABLAB Group, ArabLab is the only trade show for the Analytical Industry that reaches buyers from the growing markets of the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Sub-Continent as well as China and Asia.

Speaking about the event, DORNIER-LTF’s Steffen Bauermeister commented, “Attending ArabLab gives us the opportunity to demonstrate PIRO® and its sophisticated capabilities, meet with industry professionals from across the globe and establish new relationships from the emerging markets.”

DORNIER-LTF combines state of the art German engineering and laboratory experience to bring reliable and easy to use pipetting devices, a work tool essential to researchers and diagnostic specialists.

Using correct pipetting devices is necessary to everyday laboratory work. DORNIER-LTF offers affordable high precision liquid handling robot. A personal robot designed by DORNIER-LTF known as PIRO® is a newly developed pipetting robot to provide the throughput benefits of large sized liquid handlers from a smaller easy to handle device.

The PIRO® has been designed for the needs of qPCR laboratories allowing versatility, precision, reproducibility, and safety combined with highly intuitive software for easy setup of reactions. Although PIRO® has a small bench top workspace, it still allows for 16 positions to be used. Here are a few of the features the robot has to offer:

• Advanced firmware development and state of the art electronic appliances
• Flexible plate usage from 0.1 ml to 50 ml tubes
• Drag and drop programming for qPCR setup
• Multi-dispensing functions, normalisation and serial dilutions and others
• 384–well plate setup without running out of tips

PIRO® pipetting robot is very easy to program and can be used for many liquid handling needs from simple liquid transfers to highly complex applications. Pipetting work with PIRO® allows results to be obtained in minutes by following a few easy steps.

About ArabLab
The annual three day event, held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC) brings together industry professionals, world-leading manufacturers and innovators, decision makers and buyers from over 95 countries and showcases to the world the very latest laboratory and instrumentation equipment for the Analytical Industries.

For more information or to discuss DORNIER-LTF attending ArabLab 2013 please contact us directly.

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