DORNIER-LTF to Attend 9th SSCN Annual Meeting

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DORNIER-LTF to Attend 9th SSCN Annual Meeting

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Supplier Press Release: DORNIER-LTF to Attend 9th SSCN Annual Meeting
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FEBRUARY 07, 2013

DORNIER-LTF to Attend 9th SSCN Annual Meeting

DORNIER-LTF, the pipetting specialist, has announced it is to attend the 9th Swiss Stem Cells Network Annual Meeting for the first time. The event is to be held on Friday 8th February 2013 at University of Bern, Inselspital Ettore Rossi Hall. Running from 10am – 6pm the meeting brings together scientists working in the field of Stem Cell research.

The conference will give DORNIER-LTF the opportunity to meet with potential new clients and showcase its Pipetting robot PIRO® – the quick and easy-to-use, programmable device which allows liquid transfers, from the simplest through to highly complex applications.

Gilles Erba, DORNIER-LTF’s main contact for the 9th SSCN Annual Meeting comments: “This is the first time we will be attending this conference.” He continued: “We are looking forward to meeting with those from within the industry and making new contacts, it also gives us the ideal opportunity to share our developments and products, especially PIRO®”

Those attending the meeting are encouraged to contact Gilles Erba at ahead of the event to arrange a meeting time.

DORNIER-LTF combines state of the art German engineering and laboratory experience to bring you reliable and easy to use pipetting devices, a work tool essential to researchers and diagnostic specialists.

Using the correct pipetting devices is necessary to everyday laboratory work. DORNIER-LTF offers affordable high precision liquid handling robots. A personal robot designed by DORNIER-LTF known as PIRO is a newly developed pipetting robot to provide the throughput benefits of large sized liquid handlers from a smaller easy to handle device.

The PIRO has been designed for the needs of qPCR laboratories allowing versatility, precision, reproducibility, and safety combined with highly intuitive software for easy setup of reactions. Although PIRO has a small bench top workspace, it still allows for 16 positions to be used. Here are a few of the features the robot has to offer:

• Handles up to 384-well plates without running out of tips
• Pipetting primary tubes without restrictions to its depth
• Ease of use through newly developed software features
• Interchangeable pipetting heads

PIRO pipetting robot is very easy to program and can be used for many liquid handling needs from simple liquid transfers to highly complex applications. Pipetting work with PIRO allows results to be obtained in minutes by following a few easy steps.

About 9th SSCN Annual Meeting
The meeting has been organised by Daniel Surbek, Hans Rudolf Widmer and Volker Enzmann and will include a selection of invited speakers, including Zaal Kokala, Lund Dirk Schubeler, Basel. Hosted by Swiss Stem Cell Network – a non-profit group of scientists, the meeting is designed to:

• Encourage interactions among scientists and between scientists and society
• Progress the discovery of basic molecular, cellular and organismic mechanisms of embryonic and adult stem cell functions in human and all model systems
• Encourage and support young scientists, minorities and women in science
• Provide the public at large with an informed and first hand view of current stem cell research
• Discuss important scientific and ethical issues arising from stem cell research

For more information or to discuss DORNIER-LTF attending the 9th SSCN Annual Meeting please contact us directly.

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