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DORNIER-LTF to Attend 44th Annual Conference of the German Genetics Society (GfG)

news-releasesDORNIER LabTech Systems GmbH
September 20th 2013

LINDAU, GERMANY – DORNIER-LTF, the Germany-based manufacturers of the ‘intelligent’ pipetting device PIRO®, has announced it is to attend the 44th Annual Conference of the German Genetics Society (GfG) held 23-25 September in Braunschweig.

This is the first time DORNIER-LTF has attended this premier event for the German genetic science community.

DORNIER-LTF will be exhibiting at the conference’s Industrial Exhibition based in the Lecture Hall Building at Technical University of Braunschweig(TU-BS). The LTF Labortechnik team will be showcasing its innovative PIRO®, the easy-to-program, personal pipetting robot that can be used for many liquid handling needs. The sophisticated robot requires just a few easy preparation steps to process anything from simple liquid transfers up to highly complex applications.

Jointly hosted by TU-BS and the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI), the 2013 GfG conference will cover many all the most exciting genetic application and research fields, including aging, development and evolution, epigenetics, neuro- and behavioural genetics.

Speaking about the event, DORNIER-LTF’s Director of applications and sales, Dr. Rudolf Walser, commented: “We are excited about attending GfG 2013 and the chance to hear the latest insights into this rapidly developing fields in which our pipetting, liquid handling and high throughput qPCR technologies play an important role.”

“The GfG Industrial Exhibition provides an ideal platform for us to demonstrate PIRO® and its sophisticated capabilities, meet with industry professionals from all over Europe and establish new relationships. It will also help us make the research community aware of PIRO’s astonishing capabilities and the ways in which it can leverage their work,” said Dr. Walser.

DORNIER-LTF also plans to use the GfG conference as a possible forum for meetings with potential commercial partners and collaborative institutions interested in creating new applications for robotized liquid handling and high throughput qPCR.

DORNIER-LTF combines state-of-the-art German engineering with applied laboratory experience to create reliable and easy to use pipetting devices essential to researchers and diagnostic specialists.

Precision pipetting is fundamental to everyday laboratory work. DORNIER-LTF offers affordable high precision liquid handling robotic technologies, in particular PIRO®, newly developed pipetting robot that integrates high throughput benefits within a compact and easy to handle device.

The PIRO® has been designed with qPCR laboratory needs in mind, allowing versatility, precision, reproducibility, and safety combined with highly intuitive software for easy setup of reactions. Although PIRO® has a small footprint workspace, it still allows for 16 positions to be used. The robot also offers:

• Automated run setup from database (LIMS appliances)
• Flexible plate usage from 0.1 ml to 50 ml tubes
• Drag and drop programming for qPCR setup
• Multi-dispensing functions, normalisation and serial dilutions
• 384–well plate setup without running out of tips

PIRO® pipetting robot is very easy to program and can be used for many liquid handling needs from simple liquid transfers to highly complex applications. Pipetting work with PIRO® allows results to be obtained in minutes by following a few easy steps.

About German Genetics Society Conference
The annual three day German Genetics Society meeting brings together researchers in gene sciences from all over Europe, as well as leading companies active in genetics research. The 44th conference will be held from 23–25 September, 2013, in the historic north German city of Braunschweig. With its academic institutions, along with many state and federal research institutes; Braunschweig is home to the highest density of scientists anywhere in the EU.

The 2013 GfGConference will be jointly hosted by the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) and the Technical University of Braunschweig (TU-BS). The scientific programme will focus on fungal genetics, genetics of aging, complex genetics, developmental genetics, small RNAs, epigenetics, evolutionary genetics, neuro and behavioural genetics as well as disease genetics. An accompanying poster exhibition will stimulate and promote the exchange of ideas, especially between students and young scientists.

The 2013 GfG Industrial Exhibition will be attended by more than 25 leading companies from Germany, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium France and the USA.

Dr. Rudolf Walser, Director of Applications/Sales
Tel: +49 8382 985221

For more information or to discuss DORNIER-LTF to attend 44th Annual Conference of the German Genetics Society (GfG), please contact DORNIER-LTF directly.

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