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    Dec webinar: Continuous manufacturing solutions

    news-releasesDec Group
    March 23rd 2023

    Ecublens, Switzerland: –Materials handling and process specialist Dec Group will host a webinar highlighting its range of continuous manufacturing (CM) solutions from lab scale to full production.

    The free-to-register online workshop ‘Scaling Continuous Manufacturing Processes’ will present highly efficient methods of continuous reaction, crystallization and filtration.

    Webinar experts

    The one-hour webinar will take place on Thursday, March 30, commencing 1300 hrs and is presented by Dec’s expert speaker Dr. Simon Coleman, Product Manager at Dec’s Continuous Processing Technologies Division AWL. Dr. Coleman has particular experience in Process and Chemical Engineering and the isolation of APIs with a demonstrated history of working both in industry and academia.

    Continuous manufacturing advantages

    The session will provide briefing on the capabilities of continuous manufacturing and the benefits it provides compared with traditional batch handling methods.

    It will particularly focus on how reaction, crystallization and filtration processes can be scaled up with development of new innovative products and how to leverage these highly efficient CM methods to benefit overall manufacturing and product marketability.

    About Dec Group

    Dec (Dietrich Engineering Consultants) Group is the leading global provider of contained powder handling systems and is recognized as a world-leading expert in process containment technologies. It has been supplying the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries for more than 35 years.

    The depth of Dec’s knowledge and their ability to develop innovative new technologies make them an invaluable partner for both multinationals and specialist organizations.

    ​With true worldwide coverage through subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, USA, India, China, its recent acquisition of containment and aseptic solution provider Extract Technology and the latest expansion with the integration of UK based Alconbury Weston Ltd (AWL), leading in flow chemistry solutions as well as agents covering more than 60 countries, the Dec Group provides its customers with unparalleled global expertise and a reliable network for local support.

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    Click on Dec webinar: ‘ Scaling Continuous Manufacturing Processes’ to register for the event.


    True End-to-End Solutions

    Dec webinar: Continuous manufacturing solutions

    Expert speaker: Dr. Simon Coleman, Product Manager Continuous Processing Technologies Division.

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