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    Continuous Chromatography of Peptides

    videosBachem AG
    November 2nd 2021

    Throughout the production of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients), meeting high yield and high purity during the purification step still represents a tremendous challenge. On the other hand, demands for large batch sizes of peptide APIs are steadily increasing. In particular, if impurities cannot be separated efficiently from the API product, innovations in new, more efficient purification methods are required. These innovations are needed to keep the costs of goods low and contribute to a reduced environmental footprint of the purification process.

    Therefore, Bachem implemented an innovative process for large-scale GMP purification, MCSGP, Multicolumn Countercurrent Solvent Gradient Purification. Our new technology provides attractive economic benefits by increasing capacity, with lower solvent consumption.

    Speaker – Ralf Eisenhuth Ralf Eisenhuth received his Ph. D. in Organic synthesis from the University of Karlsruhe with specialization in olignucleoside and oligonucleotide synthesis. Ralf joined Bachem in 2008 as a Team leader in API manufacturing. Since then, he worked in various positions including Director of the department Large Scale Purification at Bachem in Bubendorf. In his current position, he is the Process Manager Chromatography and Technology Transfer. There, his main interests are new technologies and intensification of existing processes.

    Moderator – Keith Porter Keith Porter studied organic chemistry and material science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Keith possess over ten years’ research and development experience in the field of Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis and spent a majority of his career striving to improve upon current SPPS. In 2021, Keith joined Bachem as Business Development Manager. Keith resides outside of Charlotte, NC and serves Bachem’s customers on the Atlantic coast. Keith published several papers during his career and enjoys traveling, networking, and giving presentations at conferences and symposiums around the world.


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