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    Chemical Synthesis of Interferon β-1a Successfully Developed

    news-releasesBachem AG
    August 22nd 2013

    Manufacturer of high-quality biochemicals and pharmaceutical drug products Bachem and GlyTech, the only company to manufacture human type glycans in kilogram scale have successfully co-developed a chemical synthesis of Interferon β-1a for industrial scale.

    Interferon β-1a is a 166 amino acid long glycosylated protein and an approved drug substance to treat multiple sclerosis with a world market of more than $4 billion. There are currently three recombinant products on the market which are a mixture of at least 10 glycoforms.

    Bachem and GlyTech achieved a pioneering breakthrough with the successful chemical synthesis of this protein featuring a specific, single glycosylation. First bioactivity studies demonstrated that the new product is as good as or better than the recombinant Interferon β-1a.

    Both organisations with their outstanding knowledge in peptide and carbohydrate chemistry are looking forward to a future partnership with a pharma or biotech company interested in conducting all further development activities through to market approval.

    About Bachem
    Bachem is a listed technology-based company focused on peptide chemistry. The company provides a full range of services to the pharma and biotech industries.

    It specializes in the development of innovative, efficient manufacturing processes and the reliable production of peptide-based active pharmaceutical ingredients. A comprehensive catalog of biochemicals and exclusive custom syntheses for research labs complete the service portfolio.

    Headquartered in Switzerland with subsidiaries in Europe and the US, the group has a global reach with more experience and know-how than any other company in the industry. Towards its customers, Bachem shows total commitment to quality, innovation and partnership.

    Bachem. Pioneering Partner for Peptides

    For more information on chemical synthesis of Interferon β-1a, please contact Bachem directly.


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