Brinter partners with LED Tailor to incorporate blue light photon disinfection in 3D bioprinting

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December 23rd 2021

Turku, Finland: – Pioneering modular multi-material bioprinting platform developer and manufacturer, Brinter, has entered a partnership with LED Tailor to embed a new disinfecting blue light feature in its Brinter® 3D bioprinting solution.

LED Tailor’s blue-light based Spectral Blue® automatic photon disinfection system kills all unwanted forms of viruses and bacteria. It will be fitted inside the 3D Brinter bioprinting chamber to enable the safe production of tissue models, drugs, etc., and minimize the need for separate cleanrooms, making bioprinting safer and more portable.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum, from 400 nm to approximately 500 nm wavelength. Disinfecting blue light, while being completely safe for human beings, kills all forms of bacteria, yeast, and mold.

Unlike UV-light (100–400nm), visible blue light does not deteriorate materials or cause other hazardous effects.

It has recently been established that all microbes contain blue light-sensitive compounds inside their cells as a part of their natural metabolism. This is the key to using blue light as an effective disinfection system.

When light-sensitive compounds are exposed to specific wavelengths of disinfecting blue light with a certain light intensity, a destructive chemical reaction starts. The end products of this reaction are reactive oxygen radicals inside the microbial cell. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are molecules containing a very reactive oxygen component, which has the ability to cause damage to any structure inside the microbial cell and destroy it from the inside.

Enhancing Brinter advantages

Brinter is a modular bioprinter that is able to print multi-material and highly complex tissue structures in 3D, providing advanced features needed for bioprinting. The device can print both stiff and soft materials, including but not limited to liquids and hydrogels with living cells, bio-paste, metal with binder material, and thermoplastics, while being easy to set up in a lab in minutes.

The co-developed photon disinfection system will enable safe bioprinting, production of food and beverages, help to restrain epidemics, and answer the needs of cleanrooms. It can also improve the safety and vitality of employees and reduce the need for microbiological and chemical risks in healthcare and industrial sites.

World first

Brinter CEO Tomi Kalpio commented: “The partnership with LED Tailor makes Brinter the first 3D bioprinter in the world using blue light disinfection technology that can be utilized both inside and outside of the device to clean the environment around the bioprinter.”

LED Tailor CEO Harri Rautio added: “Our photon disinfection innovation is an automatic and sustainable solution to microbe problems. The system enables safe bioprinting, production of food and beverages, restrains epidemics, and answers the needs of cleanrooms. Our solutions improve safety and vitality of employees and reduce microbiological and chemical risks in healthcare and industrial sites.”

About Brinter

Founded in 2020 via partial demerger in Turku, Finland, Brinter is the manufacturer of a modular multi-material bioprinting platform scalable from manual R&D to automated production. The company works with science and bioengineering organizations to integrate 3D bioprinting into their research, manufacturing, and treatment methods. The goal is to break through current technological limitations and improve people’s quality of life.

Brinter has bootstrapped its growth since 2019, when it launched its first product, and is currently active in more than ten countries, including Germany and the UK.

Customers of the company now include bio and pharmaceutical companies like Nanoform, as well as research organizations like VTT, BEST group at the University of Glasgow, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, the University of Oulu, and the University of Helsinki, whose directors are enthusiastic about the technology’s potential.

To date, Brinter has raised a total of €1.2M in funding and is currently active in more than ten countries, including the USA, Germany, India, and the UK.

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About LED  Tailor

Finnish-based LED Tailor specializes in the development and manufacture of chemical-free disinfection  solutions based on blue LED light. Its solutions contribute to better surface hygiene and air quality in healthcare facilities, industrial premises and sites with indoor air quality issues.

LED Tailor has become the first European company to supply disinfection solutions based on blue light, with a range of solutions that can be used for effective disinfection of spaces and objects. Blue light solutions are also effective on antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including MRSA, EHEC, and ESBL. In addition to contributing to a cleaner and safer environment, they create significant savings in the consumption of chemicals, water and energy, as well as in sick leave and healthcare costs.

All LED Tailor products are developed and manufactured in Finland, with continuous R&D  conducted within an extensive international network of expertise.

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Brinter® One - A Modular 3D Bioprinter

Brinter partners with LED Tailor to incorporate blue light photon disinfection in 3D bioprinting

Addition of LED Tailor Spectral Blue® photon disinfection light turns Brinter bioprinting chamber into a sterile environment.

Brinter partners with LED Tailor to incorporate blue light photon disinfection in 3D bioprinting

Brinter CEO Tomi Kalpio (right) shows some of Brinter’s range of 3D bioprinting products.