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    Brevetti Angela to host further BFS seminar in Cairo for MENA pharma market

    news-releasesBrevetti Angela Srl
    December 2nd 2022

    Vicenza, Italy: – Leading manufacturer of high technology pharma packaging machinery, Brevetti Angela Srl, will stage its latest show Blow Fill Seal Seminar for the North African market in Cairo in mid-December.

    The seminar, which has been hosted twice before, provides a comprehensive briefing on Brevetti Angela’s distinctive Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technologies, including its SYFPAC aseptic filling and aseptic packaging platforms, aimed at pharma production and packaging professionals from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

    Latest BFS solutions

    The seminar will be organized in collaboration with local distribution partner MEACO Modern Co. for Engineering and Agencies as a one day event on December 14, 2022, at Cairo’s Hilton Heliopolis Hotel.

    The seminar provides a full day of introduction to BFS applications and solutions, including latest technological developments, such as new SYFPAC models with higher output and also O-Flow prefilled syringes marketed under the 3CK brand.

    Growing market

    Lead presenters will be Brevetti Angela Director of Sales, Marketing, and R&D Eng. Rajeev Kabbur, a highly qualified engineer with a wealth of pharmaceutical and aseptic filling experience, who operates in close collaboration with MEACO representative for Brevetti Angela, Eng. Eman Latif.

    “This seminar provides us with a very effective way of keeping the Egyptian market updated on BFS technology. This market is already very active and there are several leading pharma companies that use our machines with excellent results,” said Mr. Kabbur.

    “The Egyptian companies who are currently using our machines will showcase their products so it’s possible to check their quality and enquire about their experience. They are some important pharma companies in the country, producing both Large Volume Parenterals (mainly IV solutions) and Small Volume Parenterals (like eye drops or injectables),” he added.

    Expert presenters

    Alongside Rajeev Kabbur’s presentation on the cost effectiveness advantages of BFS for parenteral production, the seminar will also hear from three other Brevetti Angela experts. – Massimo Consolaro will provide an update on latest SYFPAC models, Sara Puliga will give an overview on products compatible with BFS machines, and Ajay Kabbur will show how BFS can produce innovative prefilled syringe formats.

    The seminar will also feature an online contribution from an Italian-based ear, nose & throat (ENT) specialist who will explain how innovative BFS-formed products for nasal septum rinse can provide a superior alternative to clumsy and uncomfortable swabs.

    Aseptic advantages

    The seminar will display examples of the huge variety of large and small volume parenteral forms that can be produced on SYFPAC machines, alongside working samples of the O-Flow prefillable syringe that features friction-free action despite containing no silicone.

    “Our main focus is on providing detailed information on how our BFS technologies can improve pharmaceutical filling lines at new and existing companies, allowing for a reduction of cost and for a safe, reliable aseptic production,” said Mr. Kabbur.

    About Brevetti Angela

    Brevetti Angela Srl is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharma primary packaging machinery, specializing in production of Blow Fill Seal (BFS) machinery for the aseptic packing of liquids in purpose formed plastic bottles, vials and parenteral forms. Brevetti Angela platforms are ideally suited to aseptic filling of pharmaceutical solutions and can also be applied to food & beverages, cosmetics or cyanoacrylates filling.

    Founded by Francesco Consolaro in 1977, the company remains based in Arzignano, in the province of Vicenza in northeastern Italy. Over more than four decades, Brevetti Angela has been guided by a vision of following a path of continuous innovation based on ensuring customer satisfaction and quality of finished product, with a mission to provide primary packaging solutions that are flexible, versatile and also reliable and easy to maintain.

    The company is particularly known for its range of advanced and patented SYFPAC® BFS machines designed and engineered to achieve the highest quality aseptic packaging of sterile pharmaceutical fluids for small volume vials, bottles, and pre-filled syringes.

    One of the key enablers for very high quality at Brevetti Angela is its emphasis on keeping all vital processes ‘in house’ at Arzignano where all facilities meet CE standards and since 2008 have been certificated to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.


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    Learn all about Blow Fill Seal (BFS) technology for your aseptic packaging needs

    Brevetti Angela to host further BFS seminar in Cairo for MENA pharma market
    Brevetti Angela to host further BFS seminar in Cairo for MENA pharma market

    Brevetti Angela SYFPAC Blow-Fill-Seal machines can form very high speed and totally aseptic primary packaging lines.

    Brevetti Angela to host further BFS seminar in Cairo for MENA pharma market

    Brevetti Angela BFS technology can be used to create a wide range of small volume and large volume parenteral packaging forms.

    Brevetti Angela to host further BFS seminar in Cairo for MENA pharma market

    The 3CK O-Flow plastic prefilled syringe concept offers multiple innovations and benefits.  

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