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    Brevetti Angela Srl

    Brevetti Angela Srl is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical and packaging machinery, specializing in production of Blow Fill Seal (BFS) machinery for the aseptic packaging of liquids in purpose formed plastic bottles, vials and parenteral forms.

    The company is particularly known for its advanced SYFPAC® machines that represent the latest generation of Blow Fill Seal equipment: a complete range of machines, engineered to achieve the highest quality by design and leading-edge technology for the aseptic BFS packaging of sterile pharmaceutical fluids.

    Vision & Mission

    Over more than four decades, Brevetti Angela has been guided by a vision of following a path of continuous innovation based on ensuring customer satisfaction and quality of finished product, with ceaseless attention to optimizing production efficiencies as well as the latest regulatory aspects of the pharma world.

    Brevetti Angela’s mission is to provide primary packaging solutions that are flexible, versatile and also affordable. This translates into the design of highly effective equipment that is reliable and easy to maintain, with readily available parts that are easy to fit.

    Activities & Products

    Brevetti Angela provides BFS machinery for the aseptic filling of pharmaceutical solutions. Its machines can also be applied to non-pharma applications for special fillings like food & beverages, cosmetics or cyanoacrylates filling.

    The company’s patented SYFPAC® machines enable high-speed production of Small Volume plastic vials and ampoules (0.1ml to 20ml), Large Volume plastic bottles (50ml to 1000ml) or Prefilled Syringes (0.5ml to 20ml). These include purpose-designed for packaging of Small Volume Parenterals, Large Volume Parenterals and Pre-Filled Syringes.

    Significant Brevetti Angela product ranges relevant to the pharma industry include:

    • SYFPAC® SVP and TWIN: for the aseptic primary packaging of Small Volume Parenterals, in the shape of vials and ampoules with volumes from 0.1ml to 20ml (normal and high speed production).
    • SYFPAC® LVP: for the aseptic primary packaging of Large Volume Parenterals in plastic bottles from 50ml to 1000ml.
    • SYFPAC® SECUREJECT®: for manufacturing of prefilled syringes PFS and injection devices using BFS technology. Prefilled syringes can be squeezable for single use, or standard with inserts, from 0.5ml to 20ml.

    Structure & Background

    Engineer Francesco Consolaro had been working in plastic molding for a decade when he decided in 1977 to found his own company Brevetti Angela in Arzignano, in the Province of Vicenza in Veneto, Italy.

    Brevetti is the Italian word for ‘patents’ and the company has always prided itself on its invention and innovation. From basic plastic moldings (its first patent was for a clothes peg), Brevetti Angela evolved during the 1980s to focus on the pharmaceutical world, designing and patenting technological solutions to meet ever stricter regulations.

    The outcome was the development in 1989 of Brevetti Angela’s patented SYFPAC® system as an all-in-one solution for the aseptic packaging of liquids, based on Blow Fill Seal technology. This was the first and only BFS system developed and produced in Italy, able to process both polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) forms.

    Over three generations, the family owned company has managed to maintain its original dedication and passion for innovation, hand in hand with ever-deepening experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical market.

    Building on the international success of SYFPAC®, Brevetti Angela was able in 1999 to launch the world’s first machine to use BFS technology for production of pre-filled syringes.

    The pace of patented solutions continued into the 21st century, with increasing focus on reducing production costs, starting with the original ECO molding head.

    In 2004, Brevetti Angela launched its new generation of BFS machines for syringes, SECUREJECT® and went on to perfect the management of thermosensitive solutions in the Blow-Fill-Seal process, opening the way to the aseptic BFS packaging of vaccines.

    Over the past few years since 2018, the company has introduced its SYFPAC® SVP TWIN double mold system to increase production capacity by 60% and designed the O-Fill machine for the filling of the innovative O-Flow syringe developed by 3CK, which has become a close partner.

    At the same time, Brevetti Angela designed and commissioned a state of the art production facility to meet the growing demand for its machines and expand its R&D facilities at Arzignano, Italy, where all SYFPAC® machines are designed and manufactured and all systems are developed, manufactured and tested. The Arzignano base is also home to Brevetti Angela’s sales, technical, marketing, accounting, procurement human resources, design, electrical, engineering, mechanical, QA, and service teams, as well as the sales & marketing operations headed by Eng. Rajeev Kabbur, Director of Sales, Marketing, and R&D.

    Quality, Regulatory and Standards

    One of the key enablers for very high quality at Brevetti Angela is its emphasis on keeping all vital processes ‘in house’ at Arzignano where all facilities meet CE standards and since 2008 have been certificated to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

    Design and engineering of all machines complies with all relevant international regulations, together with any specific local requirements involved.

    Brevetti Angela now holds 13 patents that apply to the pharmaceutical area, as well as the food, cosmetic and cyanoacrylates sectors, with BREVETTI ANGELA®, SYFPAC®, and SECUREJECT® as registered trademarks.

    To ensure continuing and end-to-end quality, Brevetti Angela’s specialized technicians and engineers take care of the whole manufacturing process, from design to commissioning. Every mold is produced in house, with extreme care that allows sharp precision on every detail of its inserts. This dedicated and accurate procedure, together with the choice of specific materials, grants a perfect final result and excellent performance over long machine lives.

    The company only sources electrical and mechanical components from internationally recognized brands to meet its own demanding quality standards.


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