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    Brevetti Angela Support Services

    products-servicesBrevetti Angela Srl
    February 7th 2023

    Brevetti Angela provides a comprehensive portfolio of services to support its world renowned range of aseptic filling machines including its advanced SYFPAC® solutions for Blow Fill Seal (BFS) aseptic parenteral packaging of sterile products.

    These services cover pre-and post-sales assistance, and technical support, all delivered by an international network covering Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa including the MENA region.

    Pre-Sales Assistance

    Brevetti Angela sales specialists can provide customer help extending well beyond machine purchase to cover with every step of the related project, including container design, clean room layout, legal agreements, and finance arrangements.

    Brevetti Angela’s deep-rooted experience with pharmaceutical machinery and regulation has taught it to be particularly rigorous about all process steps and documentation paperwork needed to develop a project. Sales staff are aware that all machine enquiries  are only just a part of a wider project need, so they are happy to help guiding  first-time customers in establishing installations and working with existing clients to develop and expand composite projects.

    Brevetti Angela’s internal legal staff takes particular care in discussing every detail of the sales contract, while proposing the best financial options for the customer wherever there might be any special needs or international restrictions.

    All documents provided with the machine, including diagrams, drawings, and manuals, are designed to be easy to read and navigate, and are supplied in English as standard, with any chosen language available.

    Along with installation of a new BFS machine, Brevetti Angela can provide dedicated operator training as well as skills updates. Training is usually done as part of the factory acceptance test (FAT) or installation procedure, but can also be provided on request, where required.

    After-Sales Service

    Long term machine support extends to a comprehensive stock of spare parts to ensure immediate availability, remote assistance, condition-based maintenance, and provision of a continuous upgrade path.

    SYFPAC® machines have a standard 12-month warranty period and are usually shipped together with a standard set of spare parts to cover the first two years of use.

    Brevetti Angela guarantees spare parts availability for at least 10 years from purchase and prides itself on the speed of its turnaround on parts orders from its central spares depot at Arzignano, usually dispatching within a single day. The long experience with global shipping and the constant attention to international regulations allows for a quick service and a professional handling of customs operations, so that delivery of spare parts is granted fast and safely.

    The Arzignano technical team can provide web- or telephone-delivers remote assistance for problem solving for customers worldwide.

    The internet-connected design of SYFPAC and other machines enables remote monitoring and diagnosis, enabling condition-based maintenance that detects anomalies and observes variations in performance to predict potential failure and trigger service intervention to avoid unexpected failures.

    Brevetti Angela’s dedication to a continuous upgrade path includes ability to replace outdated modules of the system and provide total overhaul of old or worn-out molds. Some SYFPAC machines currently operating around the world are more than 20 years old, but running flawlessly thanks to robust and reliable construction, backed by regular maintenance. This also applies to machines and molds that were taken out of service due to local factors and emergencies, but later refurbished and updated to resume operations.

    Technical Assistance

    Brevetti Angela’s commitment to high quality technical support is based on a highly experienced and dedicated technical team, enabled by a company ethos of mutual loyalty and trust.

    All Brevetti Angela technicians are trained at Arzignano by senior engineers and maintain close collaborative relationships with the sales and technical departments.

    Typically, Brevetti Angela technical experts will have many years’ experience based on a tradition of loyalty with high staff retention and reward. This means all interventions are done by extremely skilled personnel, who know every detail of the machines and can clearly communicate in English with any customer around the world.

    Where necessary to deliver service more quickly, Brevetti Angela also cooperates with trusted local engineers in some parts of the world.

    Global Service Network

    The Brevetti Angela sales, service and support network covers all the world’s principal pharma production centers across five continents.

    SYFPAC machines are currently working in:

    • Europe: Italy, Russia, Norway, Greece, Ukraine
    • Middle East: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan
    • Africa and MENA countries: Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Tanzania
    • Asia: India, China, Thailand, Nepal
    • Americas: Brazil, Mexico

    Brevetti Angela’s sales staff can help with requests from all over the world, also supported in many countries by local agents and engineers for a better service and attention to the customer.

    See Resources to find your local Brevetti Angela agent or contact.


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    Learn all about Blow Fill Seal (BFS) technology for your aseptic packaging needs

    Brevetti Angela Support Services

    Brevetti Angela’s global network of more than 20 agents provides worldwide service support.

    Brevetti Angela Support Services

    Brevetti Angela technicians are highly trained and dedicated.

    Brevetti Angela Support Services

    Brevetti Angela maintains comprehensive availability of all spares to ensure fast turnaround and delivery.

    Brevetti Angela Support Services

    Brevetti Angela sales consultants work closely with customer to ensure a holistic view of their project needs.

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