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    Brevetti Angela BFS technology for pharma applications

    products-servicesBrevetti Angela Srl
    March 16th 2023

    Brevetti Angela is one of the world’s foremost experts in the application of Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technology for primary packaging of parenterals for pharmaceutical applications.

    Blow fill seal machines are remarkable in being able to both form a container from thermoplastic granulate, then fill and seal it in one continuous and automatic operation that is carried out inside a single contained platform.

    Blow fill seal liquid filling machine pharma applications

    This inherent isolation, containment and control over a total process provides BFS platforms with inbuilt advantages when it comes to aseptic primary packaging of sterile vaccines and other pharmaceutical products.

    Brevetti Angela’s range of advanced SYFPAC® solutions for Blow Fill Seal (BFS) aseptic packaging of sterile products are  one of the safest choices for aseptic fill and finish applications.

    These can overcome inherent drawbacks of conventional aseptic fill and finish processes using pre-formed plastic and glass vials, ampoules, etc., such as the prolonged time between presentation of primary container to separate fill and seal machines, the number of process steps involved, both of which increase risks of contamination. BFS packing also has a logistics advantage in lower space and costs to maintain container inventory and shorter supply lines.

    The range of pharmaceutical packaging applications that can be met using BFS fill pack technology is almost limitless and can be applied to any administration that uses syringes, vials, ampules, and large or small scale bottle filling machines, including eye, ear, and nose drops, inhalation solutions, infusions and injections, drinkable and rinsing solutions, disinfectants, oral applications, gels and ointments, skin care and cosmetics, wound cares, and biotech products including temperature-sensitive ones such as vaccines.

    BFS pharma advantages

    In comparison, BFS processes have several clear advantages over glass containers that include:

    • Easier process: The BFS filling cycle is shorter and less expensive, eliminating such preparatory steps as washing, rinsing and depyrogenation.
    • Sterility: The filling process in manufacturing using a BFS filling machine and its form-fill seal technology is both clean and safe, and provides much better assurance against non-sterile. units, because the container is made, immediately filled and instantaneously sealed under grade A inside one machine only. This minimizes any opportunity for contamination, especially bearing in mind that preformed containers like glass vials, bottles, etc, are made elsewhere and must be transported to the pharma packaging site.
    • Particle reduction: Plastic containers from BFS plastic bottling machines contain fewer particles than glass containers, which shed particles during the fill seal process, transportation and prior to administration while being unpacked.
    • Disposal: Used glass drug and vaccine containers can pose difficulties in disposal, raising costs. Used BFS plastic containers can simply be incinerated, thereby producing energy.
    • Faster start: Starting production on a SYFPAC BFS machine can be almost immediate: switch on extruder, wait five minutes for it to reach operating temperature and then start producing. With glass containers, preparatory process can take up to two hours.
    • Material savings: Plastic containers made on BFS machines are cost competitive with glass containers, more robust and delivering much higher sterility assurance.
    • Easier Closure: No additional closure is needed after filling in case of BFS container: this reduces cost and also reduces chances of contamination, as a glass container is required to be sealed by a separate closure lid, etc, which has to be introduced to the filling line via a separate sterile transfer process.
    • Logistics: BFS process completely removes need to transport empty containers and store them. Instead, all that is needed is a stock of thermoplastic granules that are less fragile and bulky. Furthermore, the filled and sealed BFS plastic containers themselves have lower weight, volume and fragility, with further cost savings in onward distribution and reduction of losses due to breakage.
    • Easy use: Plastic containers are inherently safer and more user friendly with no sharp edges and easier opening. They are also more versatile with a far greater range of customized vial, bottle and other forms available for closer matching to application.


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    Learn all about Blow Fill Seal (BFS) technology for your aseptic packaging needs

    Brevetti Angela BFS technology for pharma applications

    Brevetti Angela’ s SYFPAC® SVP BFS filling machine installed in a compact clean room paired with MASEP  trimming module provides a full aseptic filling solution for small volume parenterals.

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