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Biowest makes debut at MEDICA 2017

November 1st 2017

Nuaille, France: – Biowest SAS, the world-respected supplier of animal sera and cell culture media, will make its debut appearance at the prestigious MEDICA trade fair in Dusseldorf next month.

Biowest will exhibit from Booth G80 in Hall 3 of the Dusseldorf Fairground, with a display that provides a representative overview of its wide range of animal sera, media for cell cultures.

Sera selection

The Biowest stand will feature many of its best-selling products used in the production of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines, in academia, and in industrial cell biology, genomics and proteomics research. These include the full range of Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) options including specialty products, along with other animal sera, animal plasma, Bovine Serum Albumin, Human Serum, Plasma & Albumin.

Cell culture media

The company will also show its wide range of Biowest Cell Culture Media formulations, manufactured according to original publications, standards set by the Tissue Culture Association and accepted formulations.

It will also show special media such as LymphoGrow Medium for the cultivation of primary human blood lymphocytes, AmnioGrow Plus for cultivating primary human amniotic and chorionic villi cells, and MarrowGrow ready to use medium for growing leukemic bone marrow cells.

About Biowest

Biowest SAS (Biowest) is the European leader in the collection and processing of animal sera and cell culture media, offering the widest range of sera and media available on the market. Biowest controls the production of the sera throughout the entire process, from collection sites around the world to the final shipment of bottled serum from its warehouse.
Biowest offers standard cell culture media as well as custom-made formulations for specific applications, using its outstanding knowledge of cell culture products.

Biowest also offers the highest quality and premium service, as well as the ability to address special requirements, always backed up by full traceability and security guaranteed by vertical integration.

Founded in 1987, Biowest has been a member of the Viking/Serascandia group, collectors of animal by-products in Latin America since 2004; thus becoming the first serum company vertically integrated from raw material to finished product.

About MEDICA 2017

The MEDICA World Forum for Medicine is one of the world’s largest medical marketplaces, and over the course of 40 years has become a firmly established event on the European life sciences trade fair calendar. This trade fair is hosted annually in Dusseldorf, Germany. The 2015 event attracted more than 130,000 delegates from some 120 nations worldwide.

MEDICA 2017 is a four-day event opening November 13 at Dusseldorf Fairgrounds, with its three halls.

In addition to a professional trade fair, the MEDICA Conferences and Forums have become leading knowledge-sharing platforms including the MEDICA Education Conference, the German Hospital Conference, the biennial European Hospital Conference (EHC), the MEDICA Medicine & Sports Conference, the MEDICA Physio Conference and the International Conference on Disaster and Military Medicine (DiMiMED).

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