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Biowest Lymphosep CE-marked lymphocyte separation media

September 12th 2017
Nuaille, France: – Serum specialist Biowest has strengthened its range of cell culture reagents with the lymphocyte separation medium Lymphosep now marketed as a fully CE-marked and compliant product.

Lymphosep is a sterile filtered liquid solution that is designed for the simple, rapid isolation of lymphocytes from whole blood that has previously been anti-coagulated or defibrinated.

It offers key stability, efficiency and reproducibility benefits, while now delivering full compliance with EU Directive 98/79/CE.

Features & Applications

The Lymphosep formulation is a water-based solution of Diatrizoic Acid Dihydrate, EDTA Tetrasodium Salt Dihydrate, Sodium Hydroxide pellets and Polysaccharose 400.

Lymphosep has theoretical pH of 7.0 (± 0.5) with osmolality of 300 mOsm/kg (± 20) and density of 1.077 (± 0.001).

  • It has been sterility tested for bacteria in aerobic and anaerobic conditions, fungi and yeasts, with endotoxin levels below 10 EU/ml.
  • The product has an assured shelf life of 24 months at room temperature.
  • Lymphosep is intended for in vitro laboratory use. It is designed for the simple, rapid isolation of lymphocytes from whole blood that has been diluted and treated with anti-coagulant or defibrinating agent, using blood that has been drawn less than two hours before.


As a CE Mark product, Lymphosep is fully compliant with EU legislation and health and safety requirements as set forth in directive 98/79/CE., thus extending its range of useful in vitro diagnostic and scientific applications.

In laboratory use, Lymphosep delivers key benefits:

  • Assured sterility: filtered against aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi and yeast, with very low endotoxin levels.
  • Reproducibility: a highly stable and consistently formulated solution.
  • Efficiency: highly effective in simply and rapidly isolating lymphocytes from whole blood.

Product Range:

The Biowest range of Cell Culture Reagents also includes:

  • Trypsin
  • Accutase
  • BME & MEM Concentrate Amino Acids, Vitamins & NEAA
  • Glucose
  • Glutamin
  • Cell Culture Water
  • Colcemid
  • Phytohaemagglutinin-M (PHA-M)

About Biowest

Biowest SAS (Biowest) is the European leader in the collection and processing of animal sera and cell culture media, offering the widest range of sera and media available on the market. Biowest controls the production of the sera throughout the entire process, from collections around the world to final shipment of bottled serum from its warehouse.

Biowest offers standard cell culture media as well as custom-made formulations for specific applications, using its outstanding knowledge of cell culture products.

Biowest can also offer highest quality and premium service, ability to address special requirements and full traceability and security guaranteed by vertical integration.

Founded in 1987, Biowest has since 2004 been a member of the Viking/Serascandia group, collectors of animal by-products in Latin America; thus becoming the first serum company vertically integrated from raw material to finished product.

Biowest is also a founding member of ISIA: the International Serum Industry Association that establishes, promotes and assures conformity with uncompromised standards of excellence and ethics for the animal serum supply industry worldwide.

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