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    ‘Beyond Automation’ Bachem webinar opens doors on smart factory vision

    news-releasesBachem AG
    November 8th 2022

    Bubendorf, Switzerland: – Leading CDMO Bachem is hosting a new online webinar that will show how it is making the transformation journey  to Industry 4.0 model smart factories for its peptides and oligonucleotides manufacturing operations.

    The Webinar ‘Beyond automation: Towards a smart factory’ will be hosted as a free-to-register event on Thursday 17th November 2022, commencing 1730 hrs. EDT (UTC +2) and lasting approximately one hour. Registration for the event can be completed online (see Resources).

    Advanced process automation

    Bachem is constantly striving to improve its industry standards by developing innovative and efficient large-scale manufacturing processes for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

    The webinar will explain how Bachem operations have entered the Industry 4.0 era and started their business transformation towards a smart factory.

    Focusing on solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) process as a case study, the session show how Bachem has used process automation to optimize equipment usage, reduce operating times, and increase the flexibility of production.

    Digitalization strategy

    The presenters, Bachem MSAT Group Leader Dr. Patrizia Marchetti and Marketing Specialist Dr. Elodie Decuypere, will also report on the benefits of Bachem’s digitalization strategy, including paperless documentation, improved first-time right rates, data analytics, and higher data safety and integrity.

    Dr. Marchetti leads the Manufacturing Science and Technology (MSAT ) process engineering group at Bachem Bubendorf. Her team focuses on the design and implementation of new processes and equipment for the manufacturing of API. Before joining Bachem in 2017, Patrizia worked as a researcher at Lonza AG in Visp and at Imperial College London, developing nanofiltration-assisted processes for peptides and oligonucleotides.

    Dr. Decuypere joined Bachem in 2020 as a Specialist Marketing in the Global Marketing Department. She graduated in Organic Chemistry from the University of Montpellier in 2013 and obtained her PhD from the French Atomic Commission in 2016. Before joining Bachem, she worked as a postdoctoral fellow on oligonucleotides synthesis at the ETH Zurich and at Roche.

    About Bachem

    Bachem is a leading, innovation-driven company specializing in the development and manufacture of peptides and oligonucleotides. The company, which has over 50 years of experience and expertise, provides products for research, clinical development, and commercial application to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide and offers a comprehensive range of services.

    Bachem operates internationally with headquarters in Switzerland and locations in Europe, the US and Asia. The company is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

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    Click on Bachem webinar ‘Beyond Automation: Towards a Smart Factory’ to register for the event.
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    Bachem – Partner from Research to Marketed API

    ‘Beyond Automation’ Bachem webinar opens doors on smart factory vision
    ‘Beyond Automation’ Bachem webinar opens doors on smart factory vision

    Dr. Patrizia Marchetti, Group Leader MSAT at Bachem AG.

    ‘Beyond Automation’ Bachem webinar opens doors on smart factory vision

    Dr. Elodie Decuypere, Marketing Specialist at Bachem AG.

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