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    BEA Technologies MAGNEXFLO automatic filtration system

    products-servicesBea Technologies S.p.A
    October 6th 2020

    BEA Technologies offers MAGNEXFLO high capacity automatic filtration technology as a solution for clarifying particularly demanding or viscous substances in the chemicals and pharmaceutical industries and for products that cannot be heated.

    MAGNEXFLO is a highly modular and flexible system that can be tailored to specific application with lower processing times and total costs of ownership compared to conventional filter systems or cross-flow plant capacity.

    The need for advanced automatic filtration

    The techniques for filtration in the production of pharmaceutical products, chemicals, gelatins, and viscous solutions decanting are continuously evolving with the development of innovative automatic equipment to deliver improved performance and simplify management.

    Many manufacturers currently use filter sheets and traditional filtration aids such as diatomaceous earth, perlite and cellulose to achieve clarification of products.

    These techniques are becoming increasingly outdated as their limitations become clear:

    • Risk of hazardous powder inhalation by operators
    • Loss of output product due to the absorption properties of filter sheets and filter aids
    • Release of particles and heavy metals inside the product
    • Potential oxidation of product with subsequent alteration of specific qualities
    • High costs for the disposal of spent filter aids and materials

    The MAGNEXFLO solution

    The MAGNEXFLO system was designed by BEA Technologies to leverage the production activity impact to achieve complete clarification without affecting the properties of gelatins, specific solutions and active ingredients. The design is based on deep experience in the field of filtration and represents an ideal solution for many difficult to clarify products, combining high filtration efficiency with advanced automation.

    The heart of the system is provided by the generously dimensioned MAGNEX filter element, with a high surface pleated multi-layer polypropylene filter media construction that makes it exceptionally effective.

    MAGNEX filters are characterized by their capacity to retain a huge quantity of contaminants, including colloidal particles and long service life  compared with classic filter elements, as well as being easily re-generable.

    The MAGNEXFLO automatic filtration system allows clarification of gelatins and excipients of different origin and viscosity reaching the level required to prepare finished products.

    MAGNEXFLO Features and Benefits

    Confirmed by exhaustive field testing and case studies from different industries, MAGNEXFLO offers a powerful set of real world benefits. The system fully meets all the requirements of customers, with quality/price ratio and reduced process time significantly outperforming existing installations and making MAGNEXFLO the advised filtration system for clarification of a wide variety of different and viscous products, ready for final processing.

    Highly flexible modular construction offers versatility and a wide choice of filtration elements to achieve customization to the level of polishing required.

    The system is entirely manufactured in 316 L stainless steel, mechanically polished to a surface finish of 0.8 RA, for sterility and easy cleaning. It comes delivered with safety and PED certifications for use in full compliance with all national and European regulations affecting pressure vessels and filtration systems.

    Direct benefits include:

    • Lower cost compared to typical existing filters or cross-flow plant with same throughput capacity
    • Reduced operational costs
    • Direct filtration without need for recirculation
    • Filtration effected without any heating of the product

    Ease of use

    Automatic versions of the MAGNEXFLO platform constantly monitor all process phases with software that continually measures and displays hourly flow rates, pressures and temperatures. Flush, CIP, and regeneration phases are preconfigured to optimize operational safety and minimize consumption of water, chemical solutions and energy.

    Automation eliminates any human errors and requires very little operator attention freeing up manpower resources that can be used elsewhere.

    BEA’s staff of experts and technicians can carry out all necessary tests to optimize configuration of the filtration systems to best meet the scope and requirements of any production process. Its technical staff also organize theoretical and practical training courses in day-to-day use of the system.


    MAGNEXFLO filtration platforms are available in different versions

    • Fully automatic (PLC controlled) with intuitive dedicated user interface
    • Semi-automatic for lower cost implementation
    • Fully manual for smaller and less expensive installations

    Below is the table summarizing Standard Models, but customized versions are available:

    All MAGNEXFLO models can be fitted with a number of optional features that include:

    • Automatic back flushing with multiple possible setups
    • Additional stage for microbiological final stabilization of product
    • Automatic dosing pumps for addition of stabilization additives and cleaning chemical agents
    • Isobaric version for operation at 6.0 bar for products to be maintained under pressure


    Learn more about BEA Technologies complete line of filters for the treatment of liquids and compressed Air/Gas

    BEA Technologies MAGNEXFLO automatic filtration system

    MAGNEXFLO can be configured as a compact and mobile solution

    BEA Technologies MAGNEXFLO automatic filtration system

    Optional microbiological final stabilization stage features a plate mounting that enables fully enclosed final membrane filter elements

    BEA Technologies MAGNEXFLO automatic filtration system
    BEA Technologies MAGNEXFLO automatic filtration system
    BEA Technologies MAGNEXFLO automatic filtration system

    Fully automatic (PLC controlled) MAGNEXFLO models feature intuitive dedicated user interface

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