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    BEA Technologies focuses on applying nanofibers to filtration

    news-releasesBea Technologies S.p.A
    May 21st 2020

    Milan, Italy: – Filtration specialist BEA Technologies has developed designs for a new series of filtration solutions incorporating “Nanofibers”.

    This is part of an overall commitment to offer a wider range of solutions to improve management of filtration in  manufacturing of drugs and to develop a new generation of separation “single use filter devices”  to accelerate processing of drugs for large patient groups.

    Seeking new collaborative models

    Roberto Bea, President and CEO of BEA Technologies S.p.A., writes:

    “Life science organizations are breaking out of the traditional pharma models to operate in a new, customer global ecosystem. This industry’s challenge requires more creativity than usual and closer cooperation between customers and suppliers to design and manufacture new equipment, new tools and more efficient and cost-effective solutions.”

    “BEA Technologies is committed to act as a consulting supplier to enables clients of life science to leverage BEA experience in filtration and separation to obtain the best cost-effective clarification of products to achieve the safety and quality standards prescribed for the pharma industry. The consistent experience of BEA Technologies provides a value and the services to support coordination between supplier and customer’s team members to identify the optimal solutions,” says Mr. Bea.

    Nanotechnology opportunities

    Mr. Bea says that nanotechnology offers a wealth of new opportunities in many different areas, as filtration across a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, food, and beverage.

    BEA Technologies is already a European leader in filtration using nanofibers, offering customized solutions for all applications and constantly creating new ones, such as new filter equipment for the next-generation of pharmaceuticals.

    Mr. Bea declared. “We plan to continue working with manufacturers of biologically sourced drugs and have ongoing trials with them using our filtration devices.”

    High sterility pioneer

    BEA’s Microfiltration Division serves the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food and fine chemicals industries. Critical microfiltration products are processed in cleanroom environments and in accordance with GMP guidelines to ensure high quality and cleanliness for biological applications. BEA was one of the first Italian companies to embrace cleanroom filter production from 1981 with cleanroom capacity and capabilities successively expanded over almost 40 years.

    Since 2017, BEA’s primary focus has been on developing products based on nanotechnology to further enhance filter performance and efficacy.

    “We now offer specific filter products incorporating nanofibers for pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology applications. This last field requires even greater focus on research and development and technological innovation,”” says Mr. Bea.

    “In Europe, we continue to be a market leader in nano-filtration products and aim to become a more global leader in this field. We can adapt many of our products to the customer’s specific needs to provide often a taylor-made solution,” concludes Mr. Bea.

    About BEA Technologies

    BEA Technologies S.p.A has been an active presence on the filtration market for the last 50 years, working successfully worldwide in various sectors, including beverage, chemicals and pharmaceutical markets.

    The company manufactures a wide range of innovative and high technology products to filter both solid particles and microorganisms, removing them from liquid solutions, air and gas.

    The filters are produced in a certified cleanroom, in a controlled environment that is constantly monitored by computer systems to ensure that it complies with GMP (good manufacturing practice) requirements.

    Internally, the company is structured in such a way as to be able to guarantee, through its commercial service and laboratory service (SLB), timely and expert consulting service and after-sales assistance. The headquarters in Pero, just outside Milan, based on three facilities which occupy a surface area of 12,000 sqm. In the plant there are two cleanrooms where the company produces all its membrane filters and filter elements for use in food and pharmaceutical applications. In 1994, BEA became one of the first filtration companies in Italy to get its quality assurance system certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.


    Learn more about BEA Technologies complete line of filters for the treatment of liquids and compressed Air/Gas

    BEA Technologies focuses on applying nanofibers to filtration

    BEA specialises in membrane filter cartridges for the pharma and beverage industry

    BEA Technologies focuses on applying nanofibers to filtration

    Automated cleanroom integrity test of BEA membrane cartridges

    BEA Technologies focuses on applying nanofibers to filtration

    Some of BEA’s high-surface Filter elements made of PP Nanofilters for filtration of gels, viscous and various solutions

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