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    BEA Technologies acquires Tecno Inox pressure vessel technology

    news-releasesBea Technologies S.p.A
    July 3rd 2024

    Milan, Italy: – Filtration specialist BEA Technologies has announced its acquisition of the industrial activities of Tecno Inox S.r.l., the Italian-based stainless steel specialist manufacturer.

    BEA has agreed to take on the activities of filter housing manufacturing of Tecno Inox Carpenteria Leggera S.r.l. located in Busto Garolfo, near Milan. This will allow BEA to further develop the design and construction of stainless-steel pressure vessels for use in filtration in many different processes.

    New equipment

    Tecno Inox Carpenteria Leggera (lightweight fabrication) specializes in the construction of stainless steel sheet and tube structures, including filtration vessels and pressure containers that are used to purify air, gas, and liquids in the food, beverage, industrial, and pharmaceutical sectors. Its production facilities in Busto Garolfo are located some 23 km from BEA’s base at Pero, both in Milan Metropolitan Area and will be transferred under the agreement to form a new BEA facility.

    The merger with BEA will now allow the pressure vessel operations to be provided of new automatic welding equipment to further enhance its quality levels up to match more critical application requirements.

    Leveraging expertise

    BEA stated: “The BEA Technology team will leverage its expertise to enable the Tecno Inox business branch to integrate and embark on a path of technological growth and production capacity enhancement.”

    “The acquisition will allow BEA Technologies to create new synergies and expand the filtration product offerings to new clients and new applications,” it added.

    About Bea Technologies

    BEA Technologies S.p.A has been an active presence on the filtration market for the last 60 years, working successfully worldwide in various sectors, including beverage, chemicals and pharmaceutical markets.

    The company manufactures a wide range of innovative and high technology products to separate both solid particles, microorganisms – bacteria and endotoxins, removing them from liquid solutions, air and gas.

    The filters are produced in a certified cleanroom, in a controlled environment that is constantly monitored by computer systems to ensure that it complies with GMP (good manufacturing practice) requirements.

    Internally, the company is structured in such a way as to be able to guarantee, through its commercial service and laboratory service (SLB), timely and expert consulting service and after-sales assistance. The headquarters in Pero, just outside Milan, based on three facilities which occupy a surface area of 13,000 sqm. In the plant there are two cleanrooms where the company produces all its membrane filters and filter elements for use in food and pharmaceutical applications. In 1994, BEA became one of the first filtration companies in Italy to get its quality assurance system certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, constantly renewed until now.

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    About Tecno Inox

    Founded in 1979 as a contracting stainless-steel processor, Busto Garolfo based Tecno Inox S.r.l has become one of Europe’s specialist manufacturers of stainless-steel fittings and equipment.

    More recently, the company diversified into industrial equipment, manufacturing stainless-steel pressure vessels.

    Tecno Inox manages the full production cycle, from the stainless sheet to the finished product, to guarantee the highest quality, supported by extensive after-sales service.


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    BEA Technologies acquires Tecno Inox pressure vessel technology

    BEA has adapted high-surface filter elements made of PP Nanofilters for filtration of gels, viscous and various solutions.

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