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    Back to the Future: PHCEU tracks down oldest survivor

    news-releasesPHC Europe BV
    April 26th 2019

    Etten-Leur, The Netherlands: – The Exchange Program introduced by biomedical preservation specialist PHC Europe B.V. (PHCEU) has located the longest-serving freezer in Estonia at the Tallinn University of Technology.

    PHCEU presented an award to Professor Tõnis Timmusk and his laboratory team at TalTech’s Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology after they came forward with an MDF-330 biomedical freezer, still delivering faithful service after 35 years.

    Long survivors

    Professor Tõnis and his team received a brand new PHCbi MDF-MU300H free of charge for winning the Exchange Program challenge for the oldest working unit.

    The campaign, introduced as part of the rebranding of the previous Panasonic biomedical brand to PHCbi, has so far identified 44 veteran units for exchange, more than a third of them located by the Frilabo team in Portugal.

    PHCbi heritage

    “PHCbi is a new name with a well-established history in which SANYO and Panasonic clearly played an important role in developing high-quality and reliable products for the life science market,” commented Ton Schipperheijn, PHCEU Corporate Affairs Manager.

    “To prove this, we went looking for the oldest working device from our past through the Exchange Campaign. We are delighted to have found that unit in the Tallinn,’ University of Technology (TalTech), Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology,” said Mr. Schipperheijn.

    About PHCEU

    Netherlands-based PHC Europe BV (PHCEU) is the European and African arm of the international PHC Corporation, whose PHCbi products are recognized worldwide as a leading and trusted brand for reliable, high-quality medical and laboratory equipment, with particular focus on technologies for preservation, incubation, sterilization and healthcare.

    The company’s mission is to provide a leading, trusted brand for sustainable healthcare and biomedical product solutions, supporting the work of its customers to improve the health and well-being of people around the world.

    PHCEU solutions range from excellent sample security in an ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer or the best environment for cell culture in a CO2 incubator, while its relationships span the pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology sectors, with a pan-continental supply and support network that can quickly meet customer demands across Europe and Africa.

    PHCbi products are grouped in four main ranges: Preservation, Incubation, Processing and Sterilization and include ULT, cryogenic and biomedical Freezers, pharmaceutical and blood bank refrigerators, liquid nitrogen cryopreservation freezers, lab tanks, transport containers and vapor shippers and a range of incubation and sterilization solutions.

    PHCEU is part of the international PHC Corporation, founded in Japan in 1969, that now operates across more than 120 countries worldwide, focusing on the three core business fields of Medical Devices, Healthcare IT & Life Sciences.

    PHC products and facilities are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 standards for quality, environmental management and medical devices.

    PHC can provide turnkey solutions for validation and qualification in accordance with all current GMPs, GLPs, GCPs, 21 CFR Part 11, PAT, ISO and specific customer requirements and applications.


    Innovative partner for Cold Chain Solutions

    Back to the Future: PHCEU tracks down oldest survivor

    Head of TalTech Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology Toni Timmunsk (right) and his young laboratory team celebrate winning PHCEU’s Exchange Campaign award

    Back to the Future: PHCEU tracks down oldest survivor

    PHCbi MDF-MU300H Biomedical ECO -30°C Freezer

    Back to the Future: PHCEU tracks down oldest survivor

    Aivar Tugedam from company G.W.Berg OÜ (left) presents Professor Tõnis Timmusk of TalTech Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology with the University’s new MDF-MU300H and Exchange Campaign award

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