Bachem webinar explains key Alzheimer’s research peptides

Bachem webinar explains key Alzheimer’s research peptides

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JUNE 08, 2016

Bubendorf, Switzerland: – Bubendorf, Switzerland: – Peptide technology specialist Bachem AG will host an expert webinar online briefing on Alzheimer’s Research Peptides.

Alzheimer‘s disease has become a major health and social problem in the developed countries with an increasing proportion of older people suffering from this disease, with associated loss of cognitive function and disturbed behaviors.

Bachem will use the webinar to discuss a range of amyloid peptides, inhibitors and labeled secretase substrates that have become widely recognized as significant in the research of Alzheimer’s disease.

Amyloid beta-peptide deposition

These include the amyloid β-peptide (Aβ), whose deposition in the brain is a characteristic for the disease, with resulting plaques mainly consisting of Aβ (1-40) and Aβ (1-42).

“Despite recent progress in our understanding of the pathology of Alzheimer‘s disease, therapeutic strategies still rely on detailed knowledge of the molecules involved,” pointed out Violeta Jordan, Bachem’s Global Director of Product Management, who will present the webinar.

“We hope to highlight significance of the existing and latest in demand catalog research peptides” she explained.

Significant secretases

“In particular, we want to show how important enzymes include α, β- and γ-secretases that cleave the amyloid precursor protein and define the composition of the resulting physiological peptides,” added Ms. Jordan.

Cleavage by β- and γ-secretases generates amyloid β-peptides. Inhibiting those enzymes has been suggested as a specific therapeutic intervention in preventing the progression of Alzheimer‘s disease. Cleavage products like amyloid β-peptides are e.g. used for in vitro aggregations studies.

Online registrations have opened for the one-hour webinar, which will take place on June 22, starting at 17:00 hrs, Central European Summer Time (CEST) or 11:00 hrs Eastern Daylight Time for North American participants.

Registrants will receive access to the live broadcast and recorded archive after the webinar. To learn more visit: Peptides in Alzheimer’s Research.

About Speaker

Violeta Jordan is a Global Director of Product Management for Bachem, reporting to the headquarter in Bubendorf, Switzerland.

Ms. Jordan joined Bachem from AnaSpec, in Fremont, California, where she was Global Director of Sales and Marketing, having previously worked with Winstar Communication and TestMart, also in the USA. She began her career working as a Research Biologist or lab bench scientist at Zeneca, in Richmond, California.

Violeta Jordan gained her M.B.A. from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California and her B.S. in Chemistry and Agricultural Sciences from Kiril and Metodij, University of Macedonia.

About Bachem

The Bachem Group is the world’s only full service provider of peptides and provides a full range of other services to the pharma and biotech industries.

Under its banner Pioneering Partner for Peptides, Bachem specializes in the development of innovative, efficient manufacturing processes and the reliable production of peptide-based active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). A comprehensive catalog of biochemicals and exclusive custom syntheses for research labs complete its service portfolio.

Headquartered in Switzerland with subsidiaries in Germany, the UK, and the USA, the group specializes in process development and the manufacture of peptides and complex organic molecules as APIs as well as innovative biochemicals for research.

Bachem prioritizes continuous investment in R&D on chemistries and technologies as crucial for future success. Its ever-increasing knowledge of complex proteins and peptides derives from ongoing research in proteomics, as well as progress in mass spectrometry, synthesis and ligation technologies, complemented by collaboration with external research institutions.

Bachem has six production sites in the U.S. and in Europe along with research level production and full cGMP manufacturing facilities on both continents. These provide capacity to produce APIs, key intermediates, small molecule generics, new chemical entities (NCEs) and finished dosage forms at preclinical, clinical and production scales.

Media Contact

Dr. Martina Diekmann, Head of Global Marketing, Bachem Group
Tel: +41 799 459 107


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Violeta Jordan

Key Speaker Violeta Jordan, Global Director of Product Management for Bachem

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